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BR Premium is the #1 source for online baseball/softball player development content. We specifically develop our content to help coaches, parents, and players understand the mechanics behind hitting and pitching improvement.  If you’re looking to make the baseball or softball player in your life better, faster, BR Premium is for you!


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What is BR Premium?

BR Premium gives you access to premium online baseball player development content that will make YOU a better parent, coach, instructor, or player!

What you get with BR Premium:
  • Research Articles
  • Drills
  • Practice Plans
  • Swing Breakdowns
  • Insights from professional coaches and players
  • And MUCH MORE!

Who Would be Interested in BR Premium?

We like to think that BR Premium is for great for anyone loves the game but perfect for those who are obsessed with it.

You may be into BR Premium if:
  • You’ve watched countless hours of hitting videos on YouTube and you’re still not sure what the perfect swing is.
  • You’ve bought every training gadget out there and most of them are still in your garage.
  • Your opinion on Bat Flips should be: “To the victor goes the spoils”.
  • You coach at a small college in the middle of nowhere but love the game so much so you work as a bar back to pay the bills.
  • You’ve been told by your significant other that you don’t have to take your child’s travel ball team so seriously.
  • You play in an adult league and really, really want the highest batting average in the league this year.

Most importantly, BR Premium is for you if you truly love the game and care about the development of those around you.


Questions about BR Premium? Reach out to Baseball Rebellion at or send us a DM on Twitter!


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