Throwing With Barriers

Written By: Dave Shinskie

In this article, I will explain how I use "Barriers" to help kids create a more efficient throwing motion. Sometimes young players tend to have their head fly out which can result in throwing sidearm (check out my article on how to stop throwing sidearm here) Pushing the ball is another bad habit that kids get into when exposed to improper coaching tips. The drill in this article is easy and effective. I not only use it to help pitchers but also position players as well. It is simply called "barrier throws."

Throwing Without Barriers

The video above is of 11-year-old Jackson A. At first I didn't explain the drill or the two foam rollers that I placed in front of him. I had him stay the same a few more pitches the way he was for the first couple throws of the lesson. Leading up to this point all his throws were 56 and 57 mph. Let's take a look at some of the flaws we see associated with Jacksons throws and then I will explain the fix.

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