Throwing Program for Inclement Weather and Small Spaces

Written By: Kyle Harris

Throwing Progression: An In-Season or Off-Season Alternative to Long Toss Program

Baseball coaches and players deal with many different issues when it comes to finding ways around inclement weather, small spaces, lack of facilities and time.

Sometimes youth, middle school, and high school athletes can have trouble controlling their effort level when throwing. Because of this, it can make it harder for coaches to make sure their players get the ample throwing time and distance they need.

There are several ways to complete a long toss program inside or in small places, but let’s focus on an alternative to long toss that may be more appropriate for youth athletes or athletes that lack physical, mental, or emotional control to properly perform long toss

Throwing Progression Objectives:


  • Chunking the skill of throwing (breaking down into smaller segments)
  • Strengthen the arm progressively to prevent injury & increase throwing performance
  • Improve mechanical efficiency
  • Develop a simple routine to prepare athletes for games and practice
  • Provide a template & environment to properly warm-up the upper extremity
Benefits of a Throwing Progression:


  • Great way to teach mechanics and break down the throwing motion
  • Great way to warm-up the wrist, elbow, & shoulder complex thoroughly
  • Great way to develop focus when throwing and prep the mind/body for game
  • Great way to strengthen the arm
    • Throwing progressions can be very easily adaptable and differentiated
  • Can be used in conjunction with long toss as a warm-up or as the initial phase of a long toss program
  • Can be used in lieu of long toss
  • Can be used in small places and with only a catch net (no partner)

Throwing Progression 1


  • Wrist Flips
  • Elbow Extensions
  • Arm Circles
  • Elephant Trunks
  • Flat Foot Quarterback Throws
  • Flat Foot Step-ins
  • Step-ins
  • Foot Work Throwing
  • Athlete should lead by stepping with glove side foot, then throwing side foot behind the glove side foot, then stride and throw

Throwing Progression 2

  • Wrist Flips on 1 Knee
  • Elbow Extensions on 1 Knee
  • 1-Knee Throwing
  • Flat Foot Throwing
  • Roll & Throw
  • Roll & Throw w/ Follow Through
  • Roll-Ins
  • Hop, Hop, Throw
Why Use a Throwing Program?

Using a throwing progression such as those outlined above, and in the accompanying videos, can provide the stimulus to needed to encourage adaptations in soft tissue that will help protect the arm and increase performance, while also providing for a framework to teaching proper throwing mechanics.

For a full arm care program to pair with your throwing progression, click here to read Baseball Rebellion's Lead Pitching Instructor, Dave Shinskie's arm care program for all levels.

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