Pre-game Warmup: How To Get Your Hitters Prepared In Any Environment

Written By: Eric Tyler

Throughout the season you may be faced with many different challenges when trying to get your team or individual hitter ready.

  • Will a cage be available to hit in?
  • Do we get to take BP on the field?
  • How do you stay loose between double headers?

All of these are answered in this article. Learn how to get your hitters ready the BR way.

Cages Available:

The most common environment to get your hitters ready is one in which one maybe two cages are available to hit in. This will likely include some small space around the cage for movement work. In this plan, you will need one cage as well as a small net for tee work. This allows you to keep your warmup simple and also keep each hitter busy instead of everyone waiting for one or two cages of BP.

4 group workout- with cages

No Cages Available:

Unfortunately, cages aren’t always available. No worries. With the rack bat, some resistance bands, and a medicine ball, you can get your hitters ready in no time. The rack bat allows them to turn their bodies and get the feeling of hitting without the need of a cage. The resistance bands are simple to use and only need a fence or net to be hooked to. While having a cage to hit in is nice, this plan proves it’s not necessary.

4 group workout- no cages

On Field BP:

In the perfect scenario not only would cages be available but also a field to take on-field BP. This plan allows for both rounds on the field for the hitter to see the ball travel, but also cage detailed cage/movement work to prepare them for anything they may face that day.

It also allows for rack timing drills as a station to prepare hitters to time their turn. This will be done either in the cages or preferably beside the BP turtle while timing the BP pitcher.

4 group workout- on field BP
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Double Headers:

In between double-headers is always a tough time. You want to make sure your hitters stay loose and ready for game two while still being considerate of the fact that they just played a full game. This plan is much lighter and allows them to prepare their body without the toll of hitting long rounds or other taxing drills. This will ensure that they remain loose and prepared for game two.

4 group workout- between double headers

While having a cage to hit in may be nice, you can see through these plans that it isn't necessary. Getting your players body and minds ready is just as important as them being able to hit.

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