4 Indoor Fielding Drills for Winter Training

Written By: Eric Tyler

Infield Drills You Can Do Indoors

We understand many of you may not have the luxury to throw some spikes on and head to the field for some ground balls, that shouldn’t keep you from getting your defense ready for the season. Your fielding development depends on getting in your reps and perfecting your craft. We're giving you FOUR infield drills you can do in the comfort of your home or garage to help your glove and your footwork. 

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Get Your Sibling and Get Better Together


Partner Short Hop Infield Drill

This is a common fielding drill that is simple yet extremely effective. While this may seem monotonous and boring, there is no better way to develop hand-eye coordination and begin feeling how the hands work when fielding. I like to shut the lower-half off in this drill by working from a kneeled stance. All the fielder needs is a ball and a partner (a wall will also work).

The goal is to mimic fielding the last hop of every ground ball. One thing to keep an eye on is that the fielder is taking his hand towards the ball and not swiping up or funneling into their chest/stomach. The emphasis is to secure the ball out in front and be able to adjust to different thrown hops.

No Excuses To Not Get Better


Wall Ball Infield Drill

One of my favorite fielding drills is the wall ball drill. I love this for fielders because it requires no one else and only includes a wall and a tennis ball. The fielder has the power to create any hop for themselves by throwing the ball against the wall at different speeds or heights. The emphasis with this drill is to allow the player the freedom to move and experience different short hops while using proper footwork.

Improve Quickness and Decision Making


Drop Ball Infield Drill

This drill is one that I recently saw on social media and loved. The partner has a ball extended in each hand with the fielder roughly 5-7 feet away. As the fielder prepares to move and gets ready to field, the partner drops one of the balls as the fielder must then charge and catch before the ball hits the ground.

This has done wonders with the first-step quickness of a few fielders here at Baseball Rebellion. This also shows fielders the importance of being prepared and ready to move just like a live game.

Turning Double Plays

Double Play Footwork Infield Drill

The last minimal space drill in this series is for our middle infielders. Double play footwork around the base is something that can be practiced and perfected without much space needed. Allow the infielder the creativity and freedom to catch the feed and work their footwork to first base without the worry of the throw.

To add a little challenge to the drill you can place an object in front of the base in the baseline that the fielder has to avoid as they make the transfer.

Embrace Infield Drills Indoors

While the best way to improve as an infielder is to go out and take groundballs, that option isn’t always available. So find a garage or even a hallway and get yourself better by knocking out these four drills. And remember, the greatest tool an infielder has is their creativity. Embrace it, don’t handcuff it.

Bonus Infield Drill

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