Hitting Flaw #7: Lack Of Specific Vision Training

Hitting Flaw 7: Lack Of Specific Vision Training

Vision is the most important aspect of any hitter’s swing. There is not much bad teaching about vision but there is teaching that is far too general. Telling a player to simply keep their eye on the ball is rarely effective. At Baseball Rebellion, we teach players to effectively turn their head (not just the eyes) to follow the ball in as long as possible. We also teach our players to coordinate their vision with the rest of their mechanics so that their swing can be incredibly smooth, fast, and accurate! Below Gabe will show you some invaluable vision training drills to do with your players.

Hitting Vision Drill to Avoid (in general)

Vision Drill 1: Turn to Catch

Vision Drill 2: Pena Drill

Vision: Hitting Cues to Avoid

Vision: Hitting Cues to Use

Vision Examples

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