Little League Bunting

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We understand and acknowledge that there is a time and place for bunting in the game of baseball but we are extremely bothered by the excessive use of the bunt at the youth level. Young hitters are often discouraged from actually hitting in key situations because they are asked to sacrifice bunt too often. The players confidence is quickly depleted once they become labeled as “the bunter”. While bunting may help you score an extra couple of runs against a team that struggles in the field, excessive bunting can lead to a poor offensive mindset. The short term success provided by bunting has been shown to dissipate as players reach higher levels of competition. Sabermetrics show that outs are too precious to give up even with the advancement of the runner. For example, the run expectancy is higher with a runner on first and no one out vs. a runner on second with one out (The goal of most sacrifice bunts). While we are not forbidding you from ever giving the bunt sign, we do encourage you from using it sparingly in its proper context.


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