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 Pleasanton Little League: Hitting Coaches Clinic

Thank you so much for purchasing our coaches clinic! All of us at Baseball Rebellion are incredibly excited to help youth coaches, parents, and players change the way baseball/softball are taught and played all across the country. We have dedicated our careers to finding the best and most efficient ways to swing the bat and hit the baseball/softball. Now it’s time to pass on these teachings to you! Below, we have identified the most common hitting flaws in youth baseball and softball. Within each flaw you will learn the fix for the flaw as well as good drills, bad drills, good cues, bad cues. At the end of the clinic, there is a link to Baseball Rebellion’s practice plan where we give coaches a practical plan to enact the drills and ideas you will learn. Enjoy!

Baseball Rebellion Introduction

 Swing Before & After: Jett S

Swing Before & After: Carrick R

Hitting Clinic Index

  1. Flaws
  2. Bunting
  3. In-Game Coaching Tips
  4. Athletic Adjustments
  5. Swing Example #1
  6. Swing Example #2
  7. Hitting & Movement Practice Plan
  8. Active Warm Up
  9. Conclusion

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