Online Lesson Testimonials


Online Hitting Lesson Testimonials

Parent of U8 Hitter:

"I can’t really say enough good things about Coach JK and all of the coaches at Baseball Rebellion.  You completely changed my son’s swing from a little kid’s swing to big leaguer’s swing with just online lessons.   The results on the field back it up too.  My son is on the smaller side for his age (8U) but he launches the ball as far and as consistent as any of his teammates.  During one of his games, the opposing coach commented on how fast the ball was moving off my son’s bat.  Parents also consistently complimented my son on his swing and can’t believe we only took online lessons."

Loreauville Allstars: 8U Team, (2015)

"I'm a dad & a youth coach that loves what you guys are doing for the game of baseball. I bought the rebel's rack and bat drag buster to teach rotational hitting mechanics to our tiny little village's 8U coach pitch team.  Wow! We treated Baseball Rebellion's videos like they were the gospel and it paid off big time over the course of a year.  We just finished all-stars a few weeks ago and were the Pinto World Series South Zone Runner-ups. Lost championship by one but that's okay because we don't have the natural talent and size or numbers the bigger cities have.

Anyways just wanted to thank you and your team.  My son is the second smallest kid on the team but was the 3 or 4 hitter most of the season and batted .614 avg, 1.035 SLG, and had a 1.649 OPS.  The difference in power we had this year compared to last year was definitely noticeable.  Thanks again"

-Jordan Towers (Coach / Father)

Cohen & Cannon: 6 & 8 years old, (2015)

"I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a phenomenal job Gabe Dimock has done this season with my 2 boys Cohen & Cannon. Cannon (6) and Cohen (just turned 8) started working with Gabe last November. They both had great seasons due in large part to the instruction they received from Gabe. Two things really stuck out to me this year. One, Gabe is very very good at relaying the instruction in a way that a 6 and 7 year old can comprehend. Two, Gabe makes us feel like we are his only clients, when in reality I know he is very busy. Both of those things are rare. I have told my wife probably 100 times this is without a doubt the best thing we have done for our boys and she wholeheartedly agrees.

I could go on and on about how pleased I have been with your online program. Thank you for all you are doing and for allowing my boys to be a part of the Rebellion."

-Chris Chalmers (Father)

Landon Meyer: 11U, (2015)

"Just wanted to be a testimonial to what you do. As you know my eleven year old has been working with you for 3 lessons only. He has always been a good hitter. However, the attachment shows a picture. There is a yellow dot in the picture. That is a kid picking up a home run ball out of a bush. Fence was 220', then approximately a 30' tree, then a road, then a sidewalk then the yard. The ball landed in the bush at the backdoor of the house. Before working with you he never hit a ball even close to that far. I don't know how far it is but for a U11 player it was a bomb. He works daily at your drills. In the Quarters, Semi's, and Final of his National tournament in Chicago, he was 9-11 with a home run and 6 doubles.
He loves what you are teaching and we want to say thanks."

-Travis Meyer (Father)

Carrick Ryan: 7 years old, (2014)

Can Your Son or Daughter Explain Their Swing Like This? Everyone Should Know What They Want To Swing Like and Why They Practice / Train The Way They Do, Even If They Are 7!

-Carrick Ryan (player)

Ryan Lee: 10 years old, (2014)

"My son Ryan has been working with you online for the past 2 months. I know we are just at the beginning of his development under you, but I wanted to let you know that Ryan just finished up his Little League season and had a great year. He just found out that he was selected to the 9-10 Yr Santa Monica Little League All Star team. His hitting and confidence at the plate has improved dramatically since receiving your instructions. Ryan is still excited to work with you on improving his swing.".

-Richard Lee  (Father)

Tanner Spangler:  9 Years Old (2014)

"We had a travel double header today. Tanner hit 3 over the fence HRs!!! It was his first over the fence HR since Tee ball where they have a short fence. The last HR was absolutely destroyed to dead center. It was freaking awesome...what a day!! Thank you for your help."

-Adam (Father)

Anysia Romo: Softball Player

"Wanted to let you know that she's been killing the ball this month. One of the tournaments she hit 4 triples, 2 doubles, and several singles.Last weekend She hit 500 with 2 back to back triples. Her coach teaches the typical softball hitting style of all arms and knob to the ball. When she saw her new swing in late May she got upset with Anysia and told her it was a bad swing. Anysia knew better and didn't back down. Anysia recently asked her, "so coach do you still think i need to change my mechanics?" Her coach smile and just said a quiet "no". She is actually hitting the ball harder then 18U players and everyone is wondering how she does it. Once again, thank you for this great technique.

-Reynaldo Romo (Father)

Jarred Getchis: 11 Years Old (2014)

"We are very happy with his progress and "new" swing.  He has been a big hitter for the last couple of years despite his sloppy mechanics.  Consistency has been the main drawback.  He could have 3 extra base hits in one game and then go hitless over the next 3.  With consistent mechanics and an efficient swing, it's scary to think what he could do this year.  Thank you for all that you are doing.  My wife and I were just saying that we can't wait until baseball season starts after watching him hit in the cage a couple days ago."

Jordan Fairfax: 13 Years Old Softball Player (2014)

"I had to drop you an email and let you know how Jordan did. They played eight games and her hits were as follows:

1 x 3 run HR, 2 x 2 run HR, 3 x triples, 2 x doubles

She grounded out a few times. But she is starting to be late and fast. She has really taken off with her hitting and let you know your instruction has been the number one reason why. Thanks so much brother. "

-Mike Fairfax (Father)

Cade Matthews: 11 Years Old (2014)

I would like to thank you for your work with Cade. This weekend Cade played in a USSSA tournament and had his best day ever at the plate. During championship bracket play he went 8 for 9, hit a double over the center fielders head in the semi's to tie the game and scored the winning run shortly after. In the finals he hit a 3 run homer over the left field wall. The great news is he is nowhere near having mastered all your swing changes and still has massive potential upside to gain.

Jaci Oakley: Softball Player

"I sent a video. It is a side by side of Jaci about 30 days apart. Essentially, it is pre rebel and beginner rebel. You will see how far we have come in just a little bit of time. I think the movement improvement, in the time frame, is just short of incredible. We are excited and looking forward to what lies ahead. Thanks again."

-Travis Oakley (Father)

Fred V: 33 Year Old Slow Pitch Softball Player

"I took your last instructive piece and immediately started putting it to work. I kept thinking about the "separation issues" you stated and looking at myself on tape and found that the cue I came up with, "pull the ball with your belly button" absolutely did the trick for me. I don't exactly like I have to consciously think about it, but that will come with reps. So after a few days, we hit the BP field.

And it was crazy. Out of a bucket of 15 balls each, on a day with the wind blowing in and the other 3 guys hit 3 out COMBINED over the 320 foot fence, I toasted 12 out of 15 out, hit 7 in a row out, and pretty much astounded the crap out of them. They of course chalked it up to me being "on fire" that day.

I had been waiting to get the results in games, but approached that night's game with confidence and got some strikes. The result was two loooooong homeruns and a double off the fence that the short stop JUMPED for. In my fourth at bat, the pitcher pointed to first (intentional walk). I haven't been intentionally walked since about 2006, when I would get walked with the bases loaded, Bonds-style.

I don't think you realize just how many "hitting gurus" I've consumed in my lifetime, I can tell you about the products and vids from the Mankins, Jaime Cevallos, Englishbey, and many others. You've got it RIGHT and you're the only one who can actually TEACH THE MOVES. Everyone else has their theories, but no drills or ways to actually start "uploading" the theories into the swing. This is the real deal, and I'm glad I found your stuff!"

Antonio Belmonte (Parent), Chicago, Illinois, Son is 17

“We have only been working with Chas for about 3 months in the fall, and I noticed Stefano had no problem catching up to the ball and his training with Chas has significantly increased his bat speed.  In terms of power Stefano is hitting the ball as far and as hard as he did with metal in the spring noting we are using wood in the fall.”

Quickly being the main person throwing BP for my son for the last 8 years something was beginning to happen, he was getting to balls quicker (too quick) the ball was jumping off the bat so fast I was having problems keeping my body protected behind the L screen and this distinct sound of Back Spin that was buzzing over my head.

Clearly Chas is at another level in terms of Knowledge and training. His ability to analyze a swing on video is beyond any program I have seen in schools and on the Internet at costs of $1,000 and up. Chas would communicate quickly and return the lesson with tips and homework on how to correct the areas he noticed needed improvement in 2 ways, one actually show you on the video and two send exercise video to correct the issue. Yet the one thing I have not touched on is the ability of using Chas’s program and letting the Chalk Talk speak for you!

In terms of investment both the Baseball Rebellion lessons with Chas and the Drive Developer are “no brainers” , if your son wants to succeed at the lower levels and High School or beyond it’s a must, if you want to save THOUSANDS in college tuition invest in this program early and I would be willing to bet many of those scouts at the showcases will see this training in your sons swing and the sound of the ball coming off his bat, and that more times than not will translate in interest and a reason to scout your son.”

Brynton Goynes, (Parent), Katy, Tx, 14 year old

“I think his understanding of the swing is fantastic, but what sets him apart, is the drills he comes up with to get the player to feel what he is asking them to do.  He breaks the swing down into its parts, and teaches it in the correct progression.  I think those are the two most important parts of teaching the swing. ”

I am amazed about how many things he is doing so much better in a short amount of time. I have some videos comparing the progress that I think one would agree show quite a stark improvement in bat speed, and use of the lower body.

William Theiss (Parent), East Setauket, NY, 16 years old

“To be honest what impresses me most is his knowledge of hitting and his work ethic to help my son. He has shown the ability to analyze his swing and determine what needs improvement. Most instructors or coaches might be able to point to something wrong but don’t have the solution and necessary drills to fix it. Chas DOES!”

Online Pitching Lesson Testimonials

Parent of U14 Pitcher:

"Brent had his first 14u outing of the season this weekend. He threw 4 shutout innings, 55 pitches, and one walks. But more importantly than any stats is that his demeanor and confidence level on the mound was at an all-time high I have never seen. And, he had way more fun than usual while pitching. It's still only the start and tons of work to be done. THANKS!!! "

U11 Pitcher: (2017)

"Dave - patient, always giving encouragement, and makes learning fun. Truly a family environment, even the instructors who aren't directly associated with our child, always provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere."

- 11U Parent

Macon Pickard: (2017)

"Always positive !! Dave now helping Macon with his pitching when we can get him there. Always trying to teach and move Macon in the right direction. Cares !!"


Max Boyatt: 10U (2017)

"Dave has been amazing with our son Max and his pitching including putting in extra time. My son actually looks forward to learning from him and values his input"


12U Pitcher (2017)

“Each instructor has taught Joey valuable lessons. Dave for his on field experiences and how he handled himself in live situations and carrying that over into the lesson.”


Dave does an EXCELLENT job of keeping a child engaged, motivated, improving. Great all around, always excited to work with him. It has been a great experience, would not be where he is with out its. 
We love visiting ITS and we appreciate the hard work and dedication put forth by all instructors and staff members. We are very much appreciative of the growth we are able to see in our child's performance.
The best thing I have ever done for my kids aside from sending them to the school they attend is sending them here. You have changed their lives!
The instructors connect with the kids. They create a relationship that encourages kids to return each week. They are always interested in what the kids are involved in and what's going on in their life. Instructors hold the kids accountable from lesson to lesson.