Online Lessons


At Baseball Rebellion we believe that learning the “why?” behind the techniques and skills should be at the core of any professional lesson. Our online lessons are focused on, not only show the problems in the swing or delivery, but  giving clients a plan of action in order to address areas of improvement in order to become the best hitter or pitcher that player can be.  The analysis and teaching methodology found here will take your game to places you never thought possible.

Qualified Instruction

Baseball Rebellion online baseball and softball lesson programs bring the best instructors directly into your home through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Baseball and Softball Players from 5 years old to the Major Leagues have trained with Baseball Rebellion’s highly trained staff of full time, professional instructors. You can be confident in your instructor’s capabilities, regardless of your player’s ability level.

Baseball Rebellion’s full time instructors spend hours day in and day out teaching lessons, researching body mechanics, and watching film in order to develop the best techniques, drills, and training products for baseball and softball.

Take Lessons Anywhere

With just a smart phone, you can capture video at practice or live games for analysis with feedback and correctives. Hudl Technique allows clients to take videos on their mobile or tablet devices and share them instantly with their instructor. Uploading and transferring videos is simple, & receive back in no more than 3 business days.

Review your personalized feedback, instructions, and drills anywhere and as often as you like. With Online lessons, we break down your video allowing you to actually see what you are doing and working on, and you can go back to any previous lesson for any questions or remembering what to do.

Easy and Cost Effective

Baseball Rebellion’s Online Lessons can be done in your garage, backyard, or living room using a swing away, live front toss, a tee and even with wiffleballs! Never again waste time and money driving to facilities, or building bulky expensive cages.

With you Every Step

With each lesson, your player receives individualized, one-on-one instruction, practices drills, and reviews progress through video analysis, all on your time, and in the comfort of your own home.

Every player’s program is unique. Each lesson send new video for us to break down, analyze  progress, & lay out new drills / training instructions custom to your players goals, progress, & areas for improvement.

In Person Lessons

Online lessons not sounding quite right for you? Feel free to come into our amazing facility and work with us in person. No matter where you are coming from we have the space, instructors, and technology to improve your game.

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