Get More Extension in Your Swing with a Tool You Already Have

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Imagine this: You're headed to the field after struggling again in your last game.  You've hit and hit and hit, and yet, your coach says you're still 'pulling off'.  'Roll-overs' are happening over and over and you keep 'just missing' the ball.  Right now, it's just you, a tee, and a bucket of balls trying to figure it out and break the slide.  The problem is, this is how you've always tried to break out of a slump, but this time is different.  You keep working on getting more 'extension' but it's just not translating to the game.  What if I told you that you have a great tool to achieve optimal extension in the swing?  And, what if I told you it's not the bat, the balls or the tee.

Get Creative: Two Hand Frisbee Throw

When you look at the top of a bucket, what do you see?  A seat?  A table? Honestly, I see a seat mostly, but I also see a training tool.  When used properly, that simple bucket lid can be used as a frisbee.  Pick that 'frisbee' up and try a two-handed frisbee throw. That move is one of the most effective ways to train extension and direction in the swing.

Pull Side Extension vs Rollover

Extension only matters if the direction of the barrel is good.  Lots of the same movements and cues work for all fields, which is nice.  One thing to be aware of is the distance and height of the frisbee flight.  You want an upward trajectory, especially on the pull side frisbee throw, as that's most players power side.  See the gif below for a demo of the pull side frisbee throw.  You can also see a demo of a pull side rollover frisbee throw.

pull side frisbee throw
Pull Side Roll Over

Centerfield Extension vs Rollover

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