Demo Lesson: Assisted Turn

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This Topic is from the Using Bands with the Rebel's Rack section of the full course.

Why We Teach It: Assisted Turns

Use the Assisted Turn Drill to help a hitter learn to use his or her front leg to straighten fast through the heel and drive the front hip back instead of upward.  Also used to help a hitter complete rotation as well as stop his or her face from moving forward inside of the turn. The final reason the Assisted Turn is so important is the band pulling the hitter forward forces the hitter to resist that pull by counterbalancing his body weight back to slow his stride down as much as he can.

How We Teach It: Assisted Turns

  • Rebel’s Rack and Rebel’s Rack bands
  • Attach bands above shoulder height and to the front side of the Rebel’s Rack
  • Make sure the hitter is slightly offset so when he or she turns, she’s pulling away from the connection to the wall and leaning towards her back foot.
  • Stride towards the wall, slightly offset with band connection to wall on your backside.
  • Stride, hesitate, turn fully with full footwork
  • Lean back away from the wall towards your back foot
  • The hitter should be fast and quick here, not strong or long with the turn or back foot move

Good: Assisted Turns

  • Hitter stops his or her face from moving forward, this keeps the hitter’s upper body in a loaded back position which allows them to swing the bat up, which leads to more consistent contact. 
  • Hitter quickly and completely straightens the front leg through the heel which assists in bringing the hips around faster in the turn. Faster hips = faster swings. 
  • Back knee in front of the head or under the head at the finish (complete rotation). This ensures that the hitter has not leaked out onto their frontside which causes hitters to swing and miss more often due to a poor bat path. 

Bad: Assisted Turns

  • Back leg pushes back hip into rotation instead of being pulled into rotation by the pelvis, this forces the hitter’s head forward and causes them to chop down at the ball or lose balance in the turn.
  • Back shoulder works AROUND instead of forward towards CF pulling hitter off balance. When this occurs the hitter will typically roll over and pull a lot of ground balls foul. This will look more like a basketball pivot with their back leg swinging around the body.
  • Hitter allows their face to move forward. If the head pulls forward towards the wall they lose their head positioning causing a negative bat path leading to more inconsistent contact.
  • Hitter doesn’t straighten the front leg making it impossible for them to brace up their turn and will result in them falling forward or ending the turn early. Forward posture or incomplete turns can lead to loss of ability to move the bat on plane.

Additional Coaching Points: Assisted Turns

  • All Rebel’s Rack Drills with the bands are NOT about moving the most weight or resistance, they are about speed
  • These movements are about slightly loading the hitter’s turn from different angles and orientations to improve their already perfect dry turn
  • The bands create resistance or assistance to different parts of the turn which helps the hitter deal with those forces in gameplay

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