Launch Angle Tee

The Launch Angle Tee isn't for Everyone

Let's get that out of the way now.

If you love the bunt sign and trying to win with small ball. If you've ever said "just try to put the ball in play" or "Launch Angle causes pop-ups". If you coach swinging down because that's the way things have always been done. If these statements describe you, there are other tees on the market for you. Stop reading. Stop scrolling. You'll just get upset!

Now that they're gone...

If you think different, coach different and always seek out the best information for the hitter(s) in your life. If you're more worried about training smart than training hard. If you like to see the ball hit hard in the gaps, stand-up doubles, no-doubt home runs, and players jogging around the bases to meet their teammates at home...

We've got a tee for you.

ball at front of plate


Launch Angle Tee

"It's always be done this way." What a boring way to go through life!

We knew there was a better way to do tee work. So what did we do? We looked at the hitting tee from another angle! We took the traditional vertical tee and tilted it away from the hitter to allow them to:

  • See more of the ball
  • Hit more of the ball, where it should be hit
  • Make contact with the ball in front of their body


These changes to the tee make it easier for the hitter to practice driving the ball in the air. Finally, tee work is fun again! Start training to hit more stand up doubles, base clearing triples, and no doubt home runs!

Adapter Top Blue

Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter

The game is changing, shouldn't your tee.

But the problem is, you still have your old rubber-topped tee and you don't want to buy a whole new tee.  We don't blame you! That's why we created the Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter.

Take the rubber top off your old tee and slide on a LAT Top Adapter, and BOOM, you have a "brand new" tee!

LAT90 Orange


For those who want the Launch Angle Tee experience at less of the angle and less of the price, we introduce to you LAT90. Launch Angle Tee’s own vertical tee option, LAT90, features a five-pound base, our durable aluminum shaft, and our renowned Launch Angle Tee adapter top!

See more of the ball and hit all of the ball. Tee work from a whole new angle!


LAT Quote 1 (2)

Joe A.

Youth Softball Coach

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Tom Eller

Baltimore Orioles Minor League Hitting Coach

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Brett Jamie

Owner, Jamie Baseball Academy

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Andy B.

Parent of Youth Player