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The Creation of the Launch Angle Tee

In this week’s article, I’m going to go over our newest products, the Launch Angle Tee and Launch Angle Tee Top adapter. The Launch Angle Tee and Tee Top adapter were created in an effort to promote an upward swing plane into the path of the pitch, all while promoting flusher contact for hitters looking to elevate the ball. If you have watched any Major League games in the past year, you know we currently living in the Statcast era of baseball.  Statcast allows for every possible piece of data in a baseball game to be measured and tracked. One of the many valuable statistics Statcast gives us is launch angle. Launch Angle is defined by Major League Baseball as “the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being struck.” A negative launch angle would represent a groundball or very low line drive and a positive one would represent higher line drives and fly balls.  Statcast has shown us that there is a lot of success for hitters when they hit balls between a 15 and 29-degree launch Angle. The Launch Angle Tee and adapter provide much better feedback in regards to elevating the ball WITHOUT contacting nearly the amount of Tee you would when hitting off of a conventional flat top Tee.

The Launch Angle Tee features a 3D printed tee top and tee base. The tee top, which holds a baseball or softball, has 2 concave fins that are angled slightly inward to allow the ball to sit slightly deeper and make the bottom portion of the ball visible to the hitter. In my experience, hitters are big on feel when swinging off a tee. Swinging up and hitting the tee top cup on a conventional tee does not feel good to a hitter. It decreases exit velocity and inhibits maximal ball flight. Therefore, success off a tee is hitting a low line drive usually directly back up the middle. When this type of hit occurs, contact with the ball is flush, and usually, there is no contact with the tee. Congratulations, you just hit a single. Line drives to the back of the cage are singles, at best. Why wouldn’t you want to practice the best possible outcome you have as a hitter? The Launch Angle Tee and Tee Top will help you do that. Instead of getting punished for swinging up, (by clipping a portion of the Tee) the hitter is rewarded with flush contact. You don’t have to hit the ball at a 0-degreee Launch Angle anymore to make clean contact.

From an aesthetics standpoint, the Launch Angle Tee looks cool as well. With a 3D printed top and base, the shaft inserts into the base on an angle to give the hitter a better visual concept of getting in line with the ball deeper in the zone and working upward through it. The Tee can be used either way (angled towards the hitter or away from the hitter) both ways promote a positive attack angle through the ball.

Bottom line is, hitting the ball hard in the air is a hitters best chance at success at any level of baseball or softball. There’s a lot more room between the outfielders (3) than the infielders (5). Many hitters mishit singles in pursuit of extra base hits but very seldom do you find a hitter mishit a homerun or a double seeking only a single. Aim to be the best hitter you can be by using the Launch Angle Tee or Tee Top adapter to groove a better more upward swing path! Buy your Launch Angle Tee today at



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