Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Jim Edmonds

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Jim Edmonds

This Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown is on the hitting mechanics of Jim Edmonds. I loved watching Jim Edmonds play growing up. From his defensive capabilities to his extremely sweet and productive swing, he was truly a pleasure to watch play the game. Edmonds was a career .283 hitter with 393 home runs. His best year coming in 2004 when he hit .301 with 42 homers and an eye popping 1.061 OPS.

I specifically wanted to do this weeks breakdown on Edmonds because of how efficient he was in his swing. We’re in the midst of an instruction era where unnecessary big movements are taught. It’s better than the foot down early, swing down approach that was widely used for quite some time, but still could be better. Pay attention to how Edmonds starts out from a wide stance and coils into his back hip with BOTH feet on the ground. Being able to execute this lower body loading sequence without utilizing a leg kick is very interesting to me. It is also a great demonstration of how you don’t need outrageous movements in the swing to have high level movements. I hope you enjoy this weeks breakdown. Comment below with any questions.

KC Judge – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor/ Head of Athletic Performance

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KC Judge is Baseball Rebellion and ITS Baseball’s Head of Sport Performance and Speed / Strength Coach, from Las Vegas, NV. KC holds a BS in Exercise Science from Cal. Lutheran University, a CSCS certification from the NSCA and is FMS Certified. KC is specialized in speed and agility training, having previously worked at 2 high profile Strength and Conditioning facilities in Las Vegas, Phillipi Sports Institute and TSPT Sports Performance, training many high level major league baseball players. KC played collegiately at Taft College and Cal. Lutheran University. After a record setting season in 2010, which included the single season all time record for batting average (.453), an NCAA All West Region selection, & the SCIAC leader in batting average & on base percentage, KC was named a pre season All American prior to the 2011 season. KC spent 4 seasons playing professionally in the Independent League. With his playing history and knowledge / training with Baseball Rebellion, KC applies his knowledge of speed/strength training directly to the Baseball Rebellion hitting and pitching training systems.

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  1. James February 3, 2017 at 11:27 am · Reply

    Great video analysis of Jim Edmonds. I enjoyed the breakdown. In today’s game there a lot of coaches that are talking about attacking the inside part of the ball and swinging down when and actuality the great hitters have a slight upward still in there swing. I guess it’s just old school versus new school with all the new technique you can’t help but see that the hands actually drop a little and the path of the swing is up kind of like a Nike swoosh.
    I would like to know if you believe the front elbow has a role in the path of the swing or is it just being forced along with the actual swing?
    Also if the hips should mirror the tilt in the shoulders in the swing. Are the hip supposed to be level or slightly tilted just like the shoulders will be slightly tilted?

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