Baseball Rebellion Sprint Technique and Agility Program Release!

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Baseball Rebellion Sprint Technique and Agility Program Release!

Hey guys! In this article I’m going to go over Baseball Rebellion’s brand new Sprint Technique and Agility Program that is now available for purchase in our store! This 6 week program is comprised of drills I used as a professional athlete, and ones I have learned since becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

Coming out of college, speed was not something I was known for by any means. I got the chance to play professionally due to offensive success in college but what extended my career was adding speed to my game. Sprint Technique and Agility Program Speed TrainingI ran a 7.3 60 yard dash my first year out of college. That isn’t fast. At all. I knew if I wanted to play as long as I could, I’d really have to work on my lack of speed. That off season, I worked as an athletic performance coach in Las Vegas. I was basically given an unscrupulous amount of information in terms of training speed while performing my internship. The best way to coach something is to do it yourself, so I applied the information to my own training. It paid off to say the least. The drills that make up this program are the same sprint mechanic drills and techniques I used to drop my 60 time from a 7.3 in 2011 to a 6.35 in 2015. It was not easy, by any means. Lots of repetitive sprint mechanic exercises being progressed over time laid the foundation for me dropping my 60 time almost an entire second over 4 years!

Speed is DEFINITELY trainable.

The information I was given as a coach coupled with my own research of running mechanics and the principles I learned while becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist has led to the creation of this program. Sprint Technique and Agility Program Increase Your SpeedThe main focus of the Baseball Rebellion Sprint Technique & Agility Program is to create awareness and understanding amongst athletes on how to get faster. This program is great for teams looking to include speed training in their practices or for the individual athlete just looking to get faster on their own. In purchasing this program, you assure yourself a very straightforward guideline in regards to training speed. Force application in running is of great importance. How you administer the force you can create is very relative when talking about speed. A lot of the strength and conditioning programs I see currently lack a speed component to supplement what goes on in the weight room. Let the Baseball Rebellion Sprint Technique and Agility program serve as your direction in regards to becoming a faster, more valuable athlete!

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KC Judge – Head of Athletic Performance & Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

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KC Judge is Baseball Rebellion and ITS Baseball’s Head of Sport Performance and Speed / Strength Coach, from Las Vegas, NV. KC holds a BS in Exercise Science from Cal. Lutheran University, a CSCS certification from the NSCA and is FMS Certified. KC is specialized in speed and agility training, having previously worked at 2 high profile Strength and Conditioning facilities in Las Vegas, Phillipi Sports Institute and TSPT Sports Performance, training many high level major league baseball players. KC played collegiately at Taft College and Cal. Lutheran University. After a record setting season in 2010, which included the single season all time record for batting average (.453), an NCAA All West Region selection, & the SCIAC leader in batting average & on base percentage, KC was named a pre season All American prior to the 2011 season. KC spent 4 seasons playing professionally in the Independent League. With his playing history and knowledge / training with Baseball Rebellion, KC applies his knowledge of speed/strength training directly to the Baseball Rebellion hitting and pitching training systems.

2 Comments on "Baseball Rebellion Sprint Technique and Agility Program Release!"

  1. George March 31, 2017 at 11:05 am · Reply

    This looks great. Good to see a program focused on speed and agility development. Is this a twice a week (Day 1/2) program for 6 weeks, then rinse and repeatt?

    • KC Judge April 4, 2017 at 2:37 pm · Reply

      Hey George!
      Thank you for the comment! The program is basically comprised of 3 different linear days and 3 different lateral days in terms of speed training in which you would perform 2x per week. Great program for those looking to build a solid running mechanics/ work capacity foundation.

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