Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Jordon Adell

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Jordon Adell

High school draft prospect Jordon Adell is looking to keep up his draft status with a big senior year. He for sure passes the eye ball test with his athleticism and body frame.  In these particular swings, I really enjoyed watching just about all of it. His pattern is very high level with power and ease. Jordon’s lower half is great and honestly I don’t see me much to improve on.

I really like the simplicity in his load. Not a bit of flash with high leg kicks and barrel tips but power is still very much there. I do think he could maximize his “stretch” by having a slightly more aggressive back elbow move but what he does still isn’t bad. He gets uphill with a great tilt and turn with his shoulders allowing a very efficient barrel path up through the ball. You will really be able to see this from the back view that most people don’t get to see a lot. Hope you all enjoy!

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