Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Jeren Kendall

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Jeren Kendall

Jeren Kendall is going to be one of the first picks in this years MLB draft. His athletic build, speed, and arm strength are really the main reasons for his high draft status. Last year his stats were good for the SEC for sure. His 9 homers and 16 doubles are good but his 62 strikeouts are what really pop out to me. This is also what professional scouts are afraid because he does swing and miss too often for a guy who will be asked to handle the bat. Here are his complete stats.

After reviewing many of his swing, you’ll notice how poorly his upper half is used. Along with some minor lower half improvements, Jeren’s upper half needs a total overhaul. You’ll notice the hard knob pull very early in his rotation that destroys any chance of Jeren having a deep and quick barrel rotation. Deep and quick barrel acceleration is what players must have to stay at the big league level for more than a week. I hope for Jeren that he gets into the right hands early and gets away from a very “college swing”.

JK Whited, Hitting Instructor at The Baseball Rebellion

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