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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Royce Lewis

Royce Lewis

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Royce Lewis




For this weeks breakdown I choose first overall pick of the 2017 MLB draft, Royce Lewis. A while a go I broke down the Angels first pick Jordon Adell and he really impressed me with his swing at such a young age.  Luckily I found this video of Royce at the same HR Derby where we have the nice side and back view right next to each other so I thought I would take advantage of that.

I really enjoy doing prospect breakdowns for you guys so that you can see how good these 17, 18, and 19 year old kids really are.  I think it’s fun to try and predict how far someone might go just from there swing.  Obviously there are many other factors that contribute to a players rise to the big leagues but the swing does tell a big part of the story.  In professional baseball everybody is talented, athletic, strong, etc.  The intricate details like posture, head positioning, barrel turn all become huge factors when facing great pitching day in and day out.  Let’s see if Royce’s swing stands out among the crowd.  Thanks for watching!

-JK Whited

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