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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Miguel Sano

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Miguel Sano



Miguel Sano is off to a great start in the 2017 MLB season.  I specifically picked him due to the fact that he has the highest average exit velocity in the big leagues as of right now.  Here is the full list in case you are interested.  Having a 100 mph average velocity is something to take notice of and I wanted to see how he was doing it.

Sano’s loading movements are really nice and simple.  Meaning that he does get some extra momentum with a medium high leg kick but noting too crazy.  After all this guy is 260 lbs, give or take.  He creates wonderful hip and shoulder separation give him the power behind his high exit velocities.  Not only that but Sano, does an unbelievable job at keeping his head back in a great spot so that his can work his back shoulder down and bring the barrel in from behind the ball.  Sano is a great example of how a big guy still have to have the right mechanics to be successful.  Unlike a lot of professional players in A, AA, and even AAA, Sano is not good just because of his size.

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–  JK Whited


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