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Baseball Rebellion Podcast – EPISODE 4 – 1:17:17

Baseball Rebellion Podcast

Baseball Rebellion Podcast: Episode 4

JK and Dave discuss their experiences with Manny Ramirez as he came to visit Baseball Rebellion twice in December. Dave will dive into the old question, “when should my kid learn to throw a curve-ball?” . JK sits down this week with Harford Owls head coach Tom Eller who is still fresh off the JUCO World Series appearance. Eller’s Owls broke all sorts of offensive records this past season and took their first trip to the World Series. The Fab four talk about what to do if your player’s coach might have different views on how to swing or pitch. As always they will list their Top 4 “Dad moves” that commonly occur in baseball. Listen up for a chance to get a great discount of Baseball Rebellion Products!

Manny Ramirez Tom Eller Harford Baseball & Baseball Rebellion
Baseball Rebellion Staff with Manny Ramirez and Harford CC Baseball Team
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