Learn How to Hit the Curveball with JK Whited

Written By: JK Whited

In this week's Online Lesson Showcase, I wanted to show you a beautifully executed adjustment to an off-speed pitch in a two-strike count.  Through the Baseball Rebellion training system, he has learned to use his body to adjust the timing of his swing with minimal power loss.  The highlights in this video will be:

Athletic/Adjustable Loading - Our player has the same aggressive yet adjustable loading process with two strikes as if he were preparing for the fastball.  This is a key element in his ability to still be ready for a fastball but adjust to off speed.

Perfect Front Leg Use - Notice the increased time of the front leg bending as he "sits" on this breaking ball.  You will be hard pressed to find a better example of this. This move will allow the ball the necessary time to travel into his swing zone.

Trading Little Power for Time - If done properly a player only has to lose around 10% of their power to adjust to the time needed for the ball to travel.  This is a necessary trade-off in this two-strike count because he knows he has to swing.

Zero Loss of Positioning - Even though the pitcher has him "beat" here by getting him down early, he never loses his stretch/coil and keeps his upper body in the perfect position to still rotate the barrel back uphill into the ball.  This gives him a great chance to drive the ball to right, which he does perfectly.

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