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Missing Under the Ball Consistently_ Here’s Why and How to Fix it!

Missing Under the Ball Consistently? Here’s Why and How to Fix it!

By Chas Pippitt | January 12, 2021

Chas goes into detail about how a long swing or tons of foul balls can be fixed, quickly, by understanding exactly what’s causing the miss. Could be timing, could be length in the “C” of the swoosh.


4 Drills to Hit for More Power

By Tyler Zupcic | January 3, 2021

You’ll be crushing the ball after working on these four drills! The best part? They can be done without a baseball! Click to learn more!

What Exactly is the Rebel's Rack_

What Exactly Is The Rebel’s Rack?

By Eric Tyler | December 14, 2020

Baseball Rebellion Instructor talks about what he thought about the Rebel’s Rack before he started working here and what he thinks about it a year later!

Consistent Hard Contact Is All In The Hips

By Garrett Gordon | December 14, 2020

If you are tired of seeing inconsistent contact at the plate check out this drill to help prevent your hips from sliding forward and turn with more power.

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Stay Connected To Consistently Hit Balls Harder

By Luke Johnson | October 30, 2020

As many of us know power comes from our pelvis/ hips and legs. This is why when you come to Baseball Rebellion, we do so much work with our hitters on the Rebel’s Rack in the mirror to gain the ability to sequence our turn properly. However, if we don’t stay connected during our swing, we won’t be able to use the turn we’ve taken so long to craft. Learn how to better stay connected within your swing to use your turn more effectively.

Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing

By Garrett Gordon | October 29, 2020

Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing When hitting, It is important that we stay connected to the ground as ultimately, that is where power comes from. When our back heel…

Fixing Direction in the Swing

By Luke Johnson | October 19, 2020

Fixing Direction in the Swing Do you find yourself constantly missing barrels, hitting balls off the cap, top spinning balls over to the pull side, or flaring balls to the…

Stop Swaying Back In Your Swing For More Power

Stop Swaying Back In Your Swing For More Power

By Garrett Gordon | October 15, 2020

Stop Swaying Back In Your Swing For More Power Many times when a hitter sways back they think they are loading but in reality, they are not.  Hitters who have…

Stop the Front Shoulder From Pulling Off

Stop The Front Shoulder From Pulling Off

By Eric Tyler | October 15, 2020

Eric reviews one drill that he likes to use to cure a hitter from pulling off the ball. Pulling off the ball is one of the most common swing mistakes and usually comes from a hitter’s aggression. When coaching this flaw it is important not to eliminate the aggression, however, teach the hitter where the aggression needs to be.