Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Madison Bumgarner

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Madison Bumgarner

The opening day of the Major League Baseball season is always exciting given that it is the first taste of meaningful baseball in months. It is also a day where premium pitchers are on the mound ready to deliver for their teams. History was made on Sunday by pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, but not how anyone expected. Bumgarner became the first pitcher to hit two home runs on opening day. He blistered both balls at 112 mph but the 2nd home run was particularly impressive due to such a high velocity at a very high launch angle (33 degrees). This resulted in the ball traveling a mammoth, 422 feet. At Baseball Rebellion, our hitting and pitching programs interact quite a lot, allowing us to learn from one another. We have found that there are many similarities between hitting and pitching, especially in the lower body. It is our belief that Bumgarner actually has a mechanical advantage as a hitter because his pitching background makes it normal for him to open into his landing while keeping the upper body resisted. Watch the video above to see the swing that makes Madison Bumgarner worthy of this week’s Baseball Rebellion swing breakdown.

Gabe Dimock- Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

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Gabe Dimock is the 2nd instructor to be certified in Baseball Rebellion and I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System. He has worked at Baseball Rebellion since 2013 and in that time has built a solid local reputation as a gifted hitting and catching instructor. Gabe Dimock’s first article was published on in 2014 and his contribution to lessons and technique has been invaluable since joining the staff. Gabe is the coordinator and head instructor of the I.T.S. Baseball Catching Class, helping develop catching technique behind the plate for kids of all ages. Gabe Dimock played catcher at Appalachian State University with a great story of work ethic and perseverance. Gabe originally started playing for the club baseball team, leading the team to 2 regional berths, the team’s first ever World Series, and earned team MVP his sophomore year. Gabe, then made the varsity team, and started his senior season and was named team MVP. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in exercise science. Wish you could learn and train with Gabe Dimock? Now you can by signing up for Baseball Rebellion's Online Hitting Lessons!

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