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Baseball Rebellion Free Coaching Clinic Demos

Baseball Rebellion Free Coaching Clinic Demos

The mission and vision of Baseball Rebellion has been simple and consistent since the the beginning of the company. That mission is to change the way baseball and softball are played and coached everywhere through finding, teaching, and producing the best possible information and content in all areas of baseball training. We have made great progress through individual lessons, both in person and online. The vast majority of our clients, ranging from 6 year olds to MLB clients, have experienced dramatic improvements through Baseball Rebellion’s one-on-one training. Over the past few years we have realized that coaches of teams can play a large role in the acceleration of our mission. Baseball Rebellion has produced four coaching clinics that cover hitting, pitching/throwing, catching, and The Basics of Baseball. We are extremely excited about the value we believe these clinics can bring to your team, league, or organization. Below is a quote from one of the coaches who purchased our coaching clinics.

We at Pleasanton American Little League have purchased this Online Coaches Clinic to bolster our League training. I’ve watched all the pitching videos numerous times in the last two months. I watched your 2014 hitting videos several times, and now that you’ve released the 2015 hitting videos, I’ve made my way through them. This product can be described in many superlatives, but the one that sticks in my head the most is: PHENOMENAL.

Every baseball organization interested in improving their knowledge and culture should look no further than this Coaches’ Clinic. The information is thorough, well-presented, understandable, and correct. The platform is applicable for Leagues, Travel Ball, High School…and at $500 total for both the hitting and the pitching clinics, I’d buy it for just me and my two sons.

$500?! The value of this product is easily 10X that. It’s exactly the elite quality that people have come to expect from Baseball Rebellion.

-Tony C., Pleasanton California

In order to give you a taste of the great content in the clinics, we are releasing free demos for you to view! Below the demo videos, there is an outline of all the content included in the full version. Click the links below to take you to the demo pages for each clinic. Enjoy!


Basics of Baseball

Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic
Hitting Clinic Demo

Hitting Clinic

Hitting Clinic Demo

Pitching Clinic

Hitting Clinic Demo

Catcher Clinic

Baseball Rebellion Catcher Coaches Clinic
Hitting Clinic Demo
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