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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo is younger than most of us think due to the fact that his name has been around for years because of his light tower power. Since debuting in The Major Leagues, Gallo has struggled to hit for a respectable average due to his very high strikeout rate. In the past Gallo has unsuccessfully attempted to cut down on the strikeouts in order to boost his consistency. Instead, he continued to strike out without showing the elite level of power The Rangers expected from him. This season, Gallo took a different approach. He decided to embrace the strikeouts as part of who he is as a hitter and to make sure that he showed is power. While Gallo’s batting average is still very low (.206), his OPS (.865) and overall offensive production is much higher than in previous seasons. Watch the video above to see how Gallo produces such great power as well as to see one adjustment he could make to improve his accuracy.

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