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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Dylan S.

Dylan S.

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Dylan S.

Dylan S. has been a long time online Baseball Rebellion client who has had ONLY online training with us. Dylan has done an amazing job of learning the biomechanics of his swing and taking the initiative to work incredibly hard in order to make positive swing changes. While there are many parts of his swing that have improved over the years, his body language at the plate has been the largest improvement. When Dylan 1st began in our program, it was clear during each at bat whether Dylan thought he was going to be successful or not. This depended heavily on the quality of pitcher he was facing. Dylan’s confidence and body language has improved immensely in the last year or so. He now looks confident and ready to smash the baseball against any pitcher regardless of their ability. Dylan is a great example of how the Baseball Rebellion Online Program can produce great results! If you are interested in signing up for online lessons click here.

Thank you for reading and watching!

Gabe Dimock – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

One thought on “Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Dylan S.

  1. I find this video interesting because I struggle with some lower half, specifically back side lower half in my swing and it looks like he may as well. Im curious to know if you are worried about his back foot coming too far forward at impact and especially the couple frames after impact. The foot releases forward, the back knee gets too far forward and it creates what I call a reverse C from the old school golf swings.

    I feel that my backside breaks down bc I am trying to create space for my upper body to work upward. This means my hips dont rotate around like all elite hitters but they work slightly up. I see that in his swing as well.

    The last thing I see in his swing and I do is that at impact/post the front foot jumps off the ground bc we are trying to swing up.

    Id like to hear your response on these. I struggle a lot with landing the front foot with a firm front side and swinging around the body in a flatter hip rotation but arms swing up. To me, my body has to work together and if I swing up, everything is working on swinging up. Hope that makes sense…

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