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Baseball Rebellion at Titus-Tallahassee

Purpose-Driven. Innovative. Visionary. Servant Leaders. Passionate. These are just a few of the innumerable positive descriptors of Titus Human Performance. I had the honor of spending three days with them last week as they allowed me to work alongside their amazing staff in Tallahassee.

Titus has been somewhat of a test case for us as we push the best hitting information to more people in more areas of the country. Ben Faurot has done a great job of learning our methodology and conveying it to aspiring hitters. The Hit Trax data and Before and After video below speak for themselves!

Robert G. Before Video 

Hit Trax Data Before

Robert G. Video After 

Hit Trax Data After


In our normal evaluation process, we generally spend 4o minutes getting Hit Trax Data and video followed by a discussion where we analyze the data and video as well as set goals with the hitter. Our next lesson is another 40 minutes that is very movement based where few to no baseballs/softballs are hit. Once the client masters the basic levels of movement in the mirror, we let the players hit and their data almost always improves dramatically! While at Titus, I faced the unique challenge of seeing most of the clients for only one hour without the promise of a follow up given that some people traveled more than 2 hours to get evaluated. I knew that I had to find a way to include the following three categories into the hour session:

1.) Evaluation: Set Baseline of data and video

2.) Movement Training: Hitting improvement begins with movement improvement

3.) Hitting: Seeing improvement validates the impact of movement training

Below are photos of all the Hit Trax sessions where players hit new highs in either exit velocity or distance. Some have the players included while others do not depending on the quality of the photo. I put in parentheses whether this was a player who was new to the BR Methodology or if they had prior teaching through Titus.

Heath S. (New to BR Methodology)

Pre Exit Velocity: 69 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 72 MPH

Pre Distance: 111 Feet  Post Distance: 200 Feet

Melvin R. (New to BR Methodology)

Pre Exit Velocity: 88 MPH   Post Exit Velocity: 95 MPH

Pre Distance: 324 Feet  Post Distance: 385 Feet

Tiffany R. (BR and Titus Trained)

Pre Exit Velocity: 71 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 75 MPH

Pre Distance: 219  Post Distance: 261

Robert G. (Titus Trained)

Pre Exit Velocity: 72 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 72 MPH

Pre Distance: 226 Feet  Post Distance: 241 Feet

Drew F. Right Handed (BR and Titus Trained)

Pre Exit Velocity: 68 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 71 MPH

Pre Distance: 214 Feet  Post Distance: 220 Feet

Drew Faurot Left Handed (BR and Titus Trained)

Pre Exit Velocity: 70 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 70 MPH

Pre Distance: 225 Feet  Post Distance: 243 Feet

Ethan G. (New to BR Methodology) 

Pre Exit Velocity: 78 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 80 MPH

Pre Distance: 236 Feet  Post Distance: 247 Feet

Waylon C. (New to BR Methodology)

Pre Exit Velocity: 63 MPH  Post Exit Veocity: 65 MPH

Pre Distance: 127 Feet  Post Distance: 159 Feet

Everett S. (Titus Trained)

Pre Exit Velocity: 50 MPH  Post Post Exit Velocity: 51 MPH

Pre Distance: 119 Feet  Post Distance: 127 Feet

Carson N. (New to BR Methodology)

Pre Exit Velocity: 87 MPH Post Exit Velocity: 88 MPH

Pre Distance: 235  Post Distance: 305

Braden Holcomb (New to BR Methodology)

Pre Distance: 222  Post Distance: 253

Sam H. (New to BR Methodology)

Pre Exit Velocity: 67 MPH  Post Exit Velocity: 68 MPH

Pre Distance: 155 Feet  Post Distance: 208 Feet  

In the words of Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale, “Take that for data!”

Gabe Dimock – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor


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