2017 Pleasanton Little League Trip and Coaches Clinic Announcement

2017 Pleasanton Little League Trip

& Coaches Clinic Announcement

Our goal here at Baseball Rebellion is to help improve the way that baseball and softball are taught and played everywhere. While we are happy with our progress towards this goal, we have primarily helped individual player development through our in-person and online coaching. Given the finite nature of our time, we are constantly looking to find a way to speed up the process of change in baseball and softball. The greatest opportunity to affect change is through our virtual coaches clinics given that there are an estimated 2.6 million kids playing Little League baseball and softball. This doesn’t even include the thousands of travel and school teams that exist at the amateur level. If we can influence even a small percentage of youth coaches through our clinics, they have much closer access to their players and can infuse great information into leagues everywhere. As many of you may remember from a similar article last year, Baseball Rebellion has partnered with Pleasanton Little League in California (PLL) and the hitting crew flew to train their coaches this past weekend. Unlike last year, there was no snow and Chas managed to step over each and every curb he faced unscathed.

The flights, airports, and travel went smoothly as we arrived in San Jose. KC immediately started fiending for a Philz Coffee. He promptly downed multiple Mint Mohito’s prior to arriving in Pleasanton.
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Prior to our first coaches clinic we trained four kids who are enrolled in our online hitting program. While we love interacting from across the country, it was great to see our students in person. I’d like to send a big thank you to TPC for allowing us to utilize their facility!

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Friday Night: Flaws and Fixes Hitting Clinic

On Friday night we met with the PLL coaches and presented our flaws and fixes clinic model. The topics consisted of mental approach, stance, stride, lower body turn, upper body turn, swing path and vision. Having video of professional hitters performing the movements in our presentation certainly helped the buy-in! We also took the coaches through our movement progression to allow them to feel what powerful, efficient movements feel like, as well as to encounter some of the initial problems their players may have with mastering the movements.

Saturday Morning: Flaws and Fixes Hitting Clinic With Kids

Saturday morning was designed to allow the coaches to see the concepts they learned the night before put into action with their kids. The first hour of the clinic was spent taking the players through the movement progression using only Rebel’s Racks and parking space lines. Because of the thorough nature of the clinic the night before, the PLL coaches were working with the players more than the Baseball Rebellion staff. We floated around answering questions and helping where needed but it was incredible to see the improvements possible when Little League coaches feel confident and are empowered with great information and teaching systems. The coaches loved the fact that the progression could be done as a team and that it did not require a cage, fancy equipment, or even good weather.

After doing some vision work with our turn to catch drill, we wanted to see how the newly learned movements would translate to the players swings. We set up tee stations and the improvement was great! Coaches observed and learned as we coached kids and emphasized movement quality over the result of the hit. Below are a few videos of some of the best swings from the session.

Saturday Afternoon: Basics of Baseball

For the past few months, our entire staff has worked tirelessly to produce our newest coaches clinic, The Basics of Baseball, that will launch next week! The Basics of Baseball Clinic not only covers hitting, throwing, and catching but also defense, base running, and coaching philosophy. This clinic is designed to give coaches of younger teams great information that is not too complex or overwhelming while providing a great basis for team instruction. Below are some highlights form the Saturday Afternoon session.

Baseball Rebellion

Sunday Morning: Basics of Baseball With Kids

On Sunday morning we took the players through the information from the Basics of Baseball and reviewed the basic hitting info from the day before. JK and I took the catchers through the basics of stances, receiving, blocking and throwing while Chas and KC covered base running, fielding grounders, and catching fly balls. We then finished with defensive situations where players had to react to given situations. The PLL coaches began to see the importance of practicing these situations consistently with a focus on lining up the cut off throws and making sure each player was processing through how they might react in any given situation prior to the pitch being thrown. Below is a sneak peak of one of the many defensive videos from the Basics of Baseball Online Coaches Clinic that will launch with a special discount next week!

Gabe Dimock – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

About the Author

Gabe Dimock is the 2nd instructor to be certified in Baseball Rebellion and I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System. He has worked at Baseball Rebellion since 2013 and in that time has built a solid local reputation as a gifted hitting and catching instructor. Gabe Dimock’s first article was published on BaseballRebellion.com in 2014 and his contribution to lessons and technique has been invaluable since joining the staff. Gabe is the coordinator and head instructor of the I.T.S. Baseball Catching Class, helping develop catching technique behind the plate for kids of all ages. Gabe Dimock played catcher at Appalachian State University with a great story of work ethic and perseverance. Gabe originally started playing for the club baseball team, leading the team to 2 regional berths, the team’s first ever World Series, and earned team MVP his sophomore year. Gabe, then made the varsity team, and started his senior season and was named team MVP. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.S. in exercise science. Wish you could learn and train with Gabe Dimock? Now you can by signing up for Baseball Rebellion's Online Hitting Lessons!

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