Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. After looking everything over, if you still have questions, please reach out to: customerservice@baseballrebellion.com and we'll get it answered as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your interest in Baseball Rebellion!

General Questions

Where are the drills for the product I order?

Please see drills for all our products on our Drills page or on our YouTube channel.

Do these products work for softball as well?

Yes! All our products work for both baseball and softball players of all ages and ability levels.

I live in the Raleigh-Durham area, can I buy these products at your physical location?

Yes, of course! We are located at 4502 Bennett Memorial Road in Durham, NC.

I want to cancel my Online Lesson/BR Premium subscription, what do I do?

To cancel an online subscription with us, please go to the account page on our site, click on Subscriptions, and cancel the subscription. 

How quickly will my order get to me?

We are a small business. We do our VERY best to get you your order as fast as possible. On average, you will receive your order in 3-4 business days. You will receive tracking information when your order is scanned in by the carrier. Please refer to that tracking information when tracking your order through us. If you feel like your order is delayed or you have any questions about shipping, please reach out to us at customerservice@baseballrebellion.com.

I want to do a large order of products, are there any bulk discounts?

Yes, please contact tyler@baseballrebellion.com and he'll help you out!

The Rebel's Rack

The Rebel's Rack

What size Rebel's Rack should I get?

The Rebel's Rack is sized best by t-shirt sizes. If you are trying to decide between two sizes, go with the bigger size.

Youth Medium-Small --> Small RR

Medium-Large --> Medium RR

XL-XXL --> Large RR

Can I use the Rebel’s Rack without the Rack Bat?

Yes, the Rebel’s Rack can be used as a standalone product. All of our in-person hitting clients use the Rebel’s Rack before their lessons.

Does the Rebel’s Rack come with the Rack Bat?

No. You can purchase the Rebel’s Rack and Rack Bat together by adding them to your cart. You can also purchase the Complete Rotational Power Package, which includes the Rebel’s Rack, Rack Back, two balls for hitting practice with the Rack Bat, and Rebel’s Rack Resistance Bands.

Do I need Bands to use my Rebel's Rack?

Not technically. Using bands with the Rebel's Rack does allow the hitter to work on acceleration and deceleration of the swing. We highly recommend them and sell them bundled together with the Rebel's Rack for a discounted price.

Where can I find Rebel's Rack Drills?

All our Rebel's Rack drills are available on our website or on our Youtube channel. 

I ordered a Rebel's Rack and it didn't fit...what do I do?

If the product you ordered did not fit, simply contact our staff. They will instruct how to return the item. Once received, we will send you the correct size free of change.

Rack Bat

Does the Rack Bat come with the Rebel's Rack?

No. You can purchase the Rebel’s Rack and Rack Bat together by adding them to your cart. You can also purchase the Complete Rotational Power Package, which includes the Rebel’s Rack, Rack Back, two balls for hitting practice with the Rack Bat, and Rebel’s Rack Resistance Bands.

Can I use the Rack Bat without the Rebel’s Rack?

No, you will need both a Rebel’s Rack and a Rack Bat in order to fully utilize the Rack Bat.

Can I hit real baseballs or softballs with the Rack Bat?

We’d recommend not doing that, the Rack Bat ships with two softer balls which you can use for practicing your turns. Tennis balls and Wiffle balls work as well.

Bat Drag Buster

Does the Bat Drag Buster come with drills?

Yes. You can find all the Bat Drag Buster Drills here.

Can I hit with the Bat Drag Buster on?

Yes! The Bat Drag Buster is designed to be worn while hitting.

What is the different between the white band and the red band?

The white band is supposed to be worn in front of the chest and it helps you feel your elbows staying apart (separation).

The red band is supposed to worn across the back and it makes your elbows stay apart. The red band is usually only used on bigger athletes.

Can I order extra bands?

Yes. You can purchase extra bands here.

Launch Angle Tee

Launch Angle Tee

Is the Launch Angle Tee better than a regular tee?

Yes. We feel that our tee is better because we give hitters more of the ball to see and hit which saves wear and tear on the tee, plus our tee tops and bases have a lifetime warranty.

Why is the Launch Angle Tee tilted?

Our tee is tilted in order to give hitters the visual of a positive swing plane.

Are there any drills you recommend with the Launch Angle Tee?

This article outlines our TEN favorite drills with the Launch Angle Tee.

What is the tee top made out of? Is it durable?

3D printed, flexible material, built to give hitters more of the ball as opposed to a tradition cone wrap. By giving hitters more of the ball its takes stress of the tee and the negative feed back associated with with hitting too much of the tee and not enough of the ball.

Although it should get hit a lot less than a traditional tee top, the Launch Angle Tee top is extremely durable. However, if anything were to happen to it, just send it back to us and we'll send you a new one free of charge!

Why is it called the Launch Angle Tee?

With the visual of a positive swing path and more of the ball available to the hitter, they can work on producing more line drives, extra base hits, and HOME RUNS, all the result of positive launch angles. Still unsure about the idea of launch angle? Check out this article by our very own Chas Pippitt!

How high and low does the Launch Angle Tee go?

Adjustable from 18”- 40” to allow training by hitters of all ages.

What is the weight of the Launch Angle Tee?

Roughly 5.5 pounds.

Why does the shaft have threads but the base doesn't?

The threads on the shaft aid in a "suction" fit with the tee base, which allows an easy removal of the tee shaft for easy travel and transportation.

Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter

Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter

How do I install my adapter top?

This video should clear everything up for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zqhvIhRwBU


  • Tanner Tee
  • Jugs T
  • G-Tee
  • PV Tee
  • ATEC Tee T3


  • Rawlings 5-Position Tee
  • EquiTee
  • Rawlings Quick Tee
  • Bownet Tee
  • Schutt Swing Right
  • Muhl Sports Advance Batting Tee
  • Skills Tee
  • The Hitting Tee
  • ATEC Tuffy Tee
  • Franklin
  • MacGregor
  • Easton
  • CagePro Tee
  • Any Generic "Wal-Mart" Rubber Tee
BR Premium

BR Premium

I signed up for BR Premium, why are some articles still blocked?

Make sure you are logged on to the Baseball Rebellion website before you try to access your BR Premium content. You can log in here.

I want to cancel my BR Premium subscription, what do I do?

First of all, no you don't!

But if you insist...To cancel an online subscription with us, please go to the account page on our site, log on, click on Subscriptions on your Account Page, and cancel the subscription. 

Online Lessons/One-Time Analysis

For all Online Lesson FAQs, please click here.

Rebel's Rack Certification Course

How long is my certification valid for?
Certifications are good for a year after completing the course and receiving your certificate

What is included in the price?
$199 price includes access to the entire course and all its content for one year. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive an automatic 15% discount on Rebel’s Rack products and BR Premium.

How do I stay certified?
To stay certified, you’ll need to stay current with Baseball Rebellion. In addition to the course, BR Premium is a good place to get a lot of our new and updated content. There will be yearly update courses available to anyone who has completed the Rebel’s Rack Certification course in the past year. To maintain your certification, you will need to pay a small annual fee and complete the annual update course. Annual cost of recertification will be $99. More details available on recertification soon.

Can I put out that I am certified in my own marketing of my program, facility or skills?
Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified as a Rebel’s Rack Movement Coach. We do not give permission to individuals, facilities, or organizations to represent they are “Baseball Rebellion”, “Baseball Rebellion Certified”,  or a “Baseball Rebellion Instructor” Saying you are “Rebel’s Rack Certified”, a “Rebel’s Rack Movement Coach”, or a variant of the those is appropriate. If you have any questions on how you should represent yourself, please feel free to reach out to us.

Is a Free Trial or Sample Course Available?
Yes! CLICK HERE to sign up for the Sample Rebel’s Rack Movement Progression Certification Course.