Fix your Posture, Fix your Stride and Much More!

Written By: Chas Pippitt

I had a High School Showcase player hit 6 home runs on Saturday…That’s right…6…on SATURDAY.  And he did this after we worked on one specific move that allowed him to be much more balanced and athletic in his forward move.  JK touched on Posture in the stride in his 5 swing clogging moves, but I wanted to re-visit this concept with some video to really show how this can help your hitter instantly do better.

Tune in next week for my next article on how to hit the low pitch from this more upright posture.  I’ll even release a brand new drill to the fans of Baseball Rebellion that, Surprise, is going to fly in the face of most hitting instruction out there.  See you next week!

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion