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What is the online lesson program?

A interactive service that gives you access to the best hitting and pitching instruction available. Through video sharing, our instructors develop a custom made improvement plan for your hitter or pitcher. Using our time tested proprietary methodology that is only available at Baseball Rebellion and constantly evolving through research at the ITS Baseball facility.

Is the price a monthly fee?

We offer a subscription service that is a monthly fee. If you purchase a bronze package you will be billed $79 / $89 a month. If you purchase a silver package you will be billed $119 / $134 a month. If you purchase a gold package you will be billed $159 / $179 a month.

Are there a minimum amount of months I must sign up for?

There are no length requirements on any of our packages. Though the longer you stay in the program the more information you will gain and the better your player will get.

What equipment do I need for Hitting lessons?

Bat, balls (baseball or softball), tee, and a small catch net. The idea is that this can  be done almost anywhere.

What equipment do I need for Pitching lessons?

Glove, ball, and hand towel. Pitchers do not even need access to a mound to benefit from this instruction. The idea is that this can be done almost anywhere.

Do I need access to a baseball field, batting cage, etc.?

No. All of the drills and most of the hitting can be done with the previously mentioned products or a swing away.

How does billing work?

This is a monthly subscription based service and set up as a reoccurring payment . For our instructors to effectively advance your hitter or pitchers approach they must consistent interaction with your hitter. Believe it or not our instructors will build a relationship with you and your player. The program is designed for an ongoing relationship. You are buying a subscription for the ability send video and take lessons. If you do not use your subscription as directed and send video, there is no refund for missed lessons.

How do I know if I am doing the drills right?

You will be instructed to video yourself doing the drill. Your instructor will receive this raw footage and critique your execution of the drill just as they would with a lesson. This repeats until the instructor deems the drill as perfect.

What kind of camera do I need?

Any digital video camera will work, including smartphones. Some smartphones can send the video directly to powerchalk. A large majority of our clients use a smartphone or tablet.

This seems complicated, how hard is this process?

The process is extremely easy. People of all ages and from numerous different countries are successfully utilizing our instructors today. We will walk you through each step of the process with detailed how-to videos once you have purchased a lesson package.

How do I transfer video files to the Baseball Rebellion staff?

How-to videos will effortlessly walk you through this process . If you have issues with transferring files you can contact our full time staff.

Do I need my own PowerChalk account?

No. One of the great benefits of the Baseball Rebellion program is that we buy a PowerChalk account for you. So not only do you get the best hitting or pitching instruction, but you get cloud based motion analysis software that constantly improves.

Is this really as good as in person lessons?

No, its better. With in person lessons very rarely is video analysis used and by nature you have begun to forget it before you even leave the facility. With our program you own the instruction and can revisit it at any time, at no cost to you.

How do I sign up for online lessons?

Visit the Hitting Lessons and Pitching / Throwing Lessons page. There you can sign up for online lessons and get immediate access to our members area.

How do I Cancel, Upgrade, or Renew my subscription?

Easy! Just email sales@baseballrebellion.com and let us know you wish to end or upgrade your subscription with your name, username, and phone number, and we will either end it that day, or give you a call/email with instructions for renewal or upgrading.