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The ONE Body Movement To Get MORE Velocity Behind Your Throws!

What do the most powerful overhand sports athletes do to create the most energy? This article will show and explain how ONE BODY movement, proper hip rotation, can help build arm speed. Proper hip rotation is very important when we talk about power and throwing harder. At Baseball Rebellion, we look to see if the hips are rotating along with the drive knee and ankle. We also look to see if there is adequate sequencing through the core to propel the arm through the throw by using bigger muscles.

Improper rotation can lead to over use of smaller muscles of the shoulder and elbow. This is a common flaw that isn’t accounted for nearly enough these days when searching for velocity. I see these flaws in many Major League Pitchers and it starts at the youth level.

Learning how to use thoracic extension and torso strength along with hip rotation is key to unlocking true velocity gains. Aroldis Chapman is a poster board candidate for a plus thoracic move. In the picture, you can see his hips open towards the target and how closed his shoulders are creating a stretch in his midsection. This move involves strength, coordination, and mobility to achieve.



The Gateway Drill

In this video, I give out a drill that will unlock your velocity gains as a position player and pitcher. It is done using a Drive Developer band (or any resistance band) connected at a low setting. Initiate the movement by rotating the back hip and allowing the torso to move into thoracic extension (backward). Always remember you are simulating a throw.  Think about throwing forward to the target. After the hip is synched up with the movement, built the speed into the trigger.  See how fast you can move into the desired position.  Repeat as often as necessary until you feel you have a firm grasp of the rotation. Make sure you practice in front of mirror. Advance into playing catch but don’t think about the drill.  JUST THROW THE BASEBALL.  THE PATTERN WILL TAKE OVER.

Other Sports That Use The Gateway

Vince Carter when he won the 2000 dunk contest changes his torso posture on a windmill dunk.
This is one of the best cricket bowlers ever using thoracic extension through his throw.
A tennis player uses a serve that over exaggerates the gateway as he moves into ball strike.
You can see the water polo ball move into the arm cocking position by moving his torso up to the ceiling.
This powerful lacrosse shot comes out faster due to him using his hips and torso properly to propel the stick toward the goal.


It is clear with this volleyball player, he uses thoracic extension as he gets ready to contact the ball.
Posture change is also evident in this women’s volleyball serve.
You can see this javelin thrower go from a negative to a positive extension as he rotates his shoulders through the throw.
Joe Montana does the gateway drill to perfection. Watch how his hips start to open as his torso and arms work together into a rotation.
The same thing is seen here when Michael Vick throws one of his signature long bombs.

It was cool to see how these different athletes in all different sports and situations used the same movement. If you watched the clips all the way through you see that they are all power throws, hits, shots, spikes, serves, and dunks. So when thinking about improving velocity, at any age, “The Gateway Drill” will unlock the answers to the proper movements to achieve it.  Hope you enjoyed my article and using it to open the door to better mechanics.


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