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Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Patrick Corbin


Dave Shinskie, the Lead Pitching Instructor at Baseball Rebellion, breaks down Arizona Diamondbacks ace pitcher Patrick Corbin. Dave takes us through the pitching mechanics and pitch selection that has helped Corbin start the year 2-0 with a 1.38 ERA. As Dave points out, Corbin’s lethal off-speed breaking pitches have lead to 20 highlight-worthy strikeouts, tops in the MLB so far!


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One thought on “Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Patrick Corbin

  1. Dave,

    Good stuff here. Question for you in relation to launch angle and how pitchers combat it. I agree with what you said in your breakdown of Corbin’s pitching, but I’ve also heard some baseball people say that pitchers are also combating the launch angle by throwing more fastballs high in the zone or above the zone, ala Justin Verlander. What’s your take on this?



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