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Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Hunter Greene

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown:

Hunter Greene

Hunter Greene is a senior at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California. He is 6’4″, 210 pounds and has reached 102mph on the radar gun. He is projected to be the first right-handed pitcher taken overall in the 2017 MLB draft.  Greene also hits, and is rated one of the top shortstops in the country.

Brendan McKay, a two-way player at Louisville, is in a similar position and will most likely be drafted as a pitcher. Whatever team decides to draft either of these guys should consider doing so as position players first. Both Greene and McKay have flaws in their deliveries and limiting them to being only a pitcher could devalue their athletic movements, making them worse as they throw a higher valume of pitches.  Going into into a full season and throwing as much as a starting pitcher does puts a lot of stress on a pitcher’s arm. Flawed movements and/or a lack of a quality throwing coach can play a big role in creating injuries.

In this breakdown, I explain how Hunter can pinpoint and correct a few things to help his delivery, keep him healthy, and potentially brighten his future.

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Dave Shinskie – Baseball Rebellion Pitching Instructor

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