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Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Ervin Santana

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown

Ervin Santana

In this breakdown, explain how Ervin Santana has been so effective this year and for the last 13 years. Santana is in the top 10 in every pitching statistic in 2017 and leads the league in complete games and shut outs. In the breakdown I point out his repeatable mechanics along with his pitch sequence through three different counts. Santana stays mentally ahead of the hitters by being able make pitches on any count. In the video I give examples of Santana throwing of the hitters on a 3-2 curve ball, 2-2 curve ball, and a 1-2 fastball at 95 mph.

Ervin Santana is only 34 years old but has thrown 2300 innings in his career. He has never missed a year due to injury which tells you he is doing something right with his mechanics. Being able to still bring 95 mph with and mix in a nasty curve and change up for as many years as he has means his mechanics are as solid as they come. Hope you enjoy this weeks pitching breakdown of Ervin Santana, please leave your comments below.

Dave Shinskie – Leader of Baseball Pitching Rebellion


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