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The Turn Behind The Turn

The Turn Behind The Turn is designed to help the hitter eliminate all pushing or driving of the knob in the baseball (or softball) swing. Turning the bat behind the back hip allows for the deepest barrel acceleration and the longest area the barrel can be on plane with the pitch. When the bat accelerates early, and in the way of the ball deep in the swing path, the hitter has the most room for error with timing and can easily drive the ball to all fields with accuracy and power.

-Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

2 thoughts on “The Turn Behind The Turn

  1. I think this video/drill will go a long way toward teaching , the beginning of bat movement. Not to different than my softball swing. I did have longer to sync up though , which was sometimes trouble also, lol. Great video.

    1. Thank you, Don!

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