BR Case Study: Tiffani Railey, From Juco to the SEC in Two Training Days and a Tweet.

BR Case Study: Tiffany Railey

From Juco to the SEC in Two Training Days and a Tweet

On December 28th, I met Tiffani Railey. I had never met her before, but I had worked with her older brother, Matt, on attempting to comeback to baseball after being released by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Her father, Mike, was here too as was her younger brother Jonathan, a great prospect in his own right, and her friend Deborah Fernanda from Chiploa Junior College and the Brazilian National Softball Team. Needless to say, we had a great group of kids in the building, all with athletic talent and untapped potential. Tiffani was an all-state softball player in High School in Tallahassee Florida, and worked out with some of the best trainers on the east coast at Titus Human Performance, headed up by Adam Faurot, a former FSU Baseball Player. Athletically, she is a phenom, as you can see…

Tiffani Railey, 19 years old, Squats 335!!

Tiffani Railey, 19 years old, Squats 335!!

So…like I said, she’s a super special female athlete. But, she came to me mainly a slapper. Here is her unedited video from her first day, December 28th and her Hittrax Data as well. She had the tools to be good, and she was good already, with an offer from a mid-major D1 School on the table already, but no interest from the ACC or SEC.

Lots of Grounders, some hard hits, but no real DAMAGE in this round at all. She had some good ‘bones’ to her swing, meaning she had a decent setup and stride, clearly she had some aggression, just the wrong direction of her hits. Here is her Hittrax Data from her round that shows her average velocity (65.6 mph), max velocity (70.4 mph), max distance (only 184 feet) and average distance (92 feet) and average launch angle at only 6 degrees…With exit velocities in the low to mid 70’s my staff and I knew Tiffani hadn’t even scratched the surface of what she could become. **Please take special notice of her SPRAY CHART. The black dots are ‘tee swings’ the blue and red dots are hits (blue) and outs (red).**
Tiffani Railey HitTrax Data Round 1

Honestly, even with the good things hidden inside her swing, her swing made me sad because I could SEE all the times she’d been HELD BACK by her SPEED. What I mean by this is she’s so fast and so explosive, as she runs a legit 2.6 to first base from the left side, that she wasn’t allowed to develop her swing and her power in a way that would make top 25 level programs want her services. So after this evaluation, we talked about the movements she lacked, mainly a complete shoulder turn and a ‘pulling’ back foot from a turning pelvis. After we worked on her footwork in the mirror for a few hours, and did some Rebel’s Rack Progressions and dowel rod work, she was finished for the day.

The next day, we repeated and added to her progression, and here’s what happened: **Note, I do not have the same view of her swing for some reason…I either never took it or deleted it…but you can clearly see the differences in how she’s turning and how her movements have changed/improved to generate significantly more power and lift…**

So…quite a bit better movement quality wise, and therefore, statistically on the Hittrax.  Her back foot is moving, her turn is more complete. Tiffani now not only has more confidence her swing and physical ability, but she also has a repeatable process to continue her growth within her movements as well as specific drills she can do daily to ensure her continued improvement. Here’s more data supporting her positive change:

HitTrax Data

The chart above is her ‘launch angle chart’ which shows her average launch angle is now 27.5 degrees, up from 6 degrees. Her average distance is up to 214.7 feet, up from 92 feet!

Tiffani Railey Round 2 HitTrax Data

The chart above shows her average exit velocity up to 71 mph, from 65.6mph, max exit velocity, 82mph, up from 75mph as well as her max distance of 286 up from 184 feet. Again, you can see her SPRAY CHART, blue dots are hits…mostly home runs, and the red dots are outs…WOW!

Tiffani Railey Front View Gif 12.29.16

Here is a front view gif of her best swing I caught on video, it shows her head moving forward less and an extremely quick pelvis turn as well as barrel action after an extremely slow forward movement. One of the things we have modified over the past few months is the ‘speed and distance’ of the forward movement. It has become clear to us at Baseball Rebellion and Softball Rebellion that moving forward, while important, is not as important as we once thought, even for our smallest hitters. Tiffani, who will be back up here at some point to continue her training, will be moving forward even less in her upcoming videos that I will update this article with upon her return.

As always, I started tweeting out her videos in raw video and GIF format as well as instagram-ing some of her swings. My phone didn’t stop buzzing for almost a week. College coaches from all over the country were inquiring about her future services. Less than a month after her visit to Baseball Rebellion/Softball Rebellion, Tiffani accepted a scholarship to play at her “dream school” the University of Georgia.

Tiffani Railey UGA Softball Tweet

Huge congrats to Tiffani on her hard work and willingness to find out what she could become instead of holding onto what she was. She’ll start at the Central Florida CC, the number 1 ranked Juco in the country and prepare for her time in the SEC. Amazing changes in only a few hours of work.

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

Here’s Tiffani’s thoughts on her experience at BR/SR with me and with my staff. Her father felt compelled to make a video talking about how we treated his sons and specifically Tiffani as well. Its awesome to make people feel this good and this happy and help them get an immediate return on their investment and trust in our program. The feeling is more than mutual!

Tiffani Railey Quote on SR

About the Author

Chas Pippitt is the founder of Baseball Rebellion, and creator of the Baseball Rebellion / I.T.S. Baseball Hitting System. Chas has invented three hitting products, the Drive Developer, the Rebel’s Rack, and the Bat Drag Buster, which are currently used in ALL 50 states and internationally in over 10 countries. When not working on articles or doing online lessons for Baseball Rebellion, Chas Pippitt is the owner and head hitting instructor at I.T.S. Baseball. A baseball training facility, in North Carolina, which offers in-person lessons and acts as the research facility for all of Baseball Rebellion’s methodology. Chas has done over 20,000 lessons, and that practical experience has given him the unique ability to develop powerful and adjustable hitters, using his proprietary drills and special ability to explain and improve hitting techniques to hitters of all ages through video. Wish you could learn and train with Chas Pippitt? Now you can by signing up for Baseball Rebellion's Online Hitting Lessons!

6 Comments on "BR Case Study: Tiffani Railey, From Juco to the SEC in Two Training Days and a Tweet."

  1. Randy February 8, 2017 at 5:28 pm · Reply

    Chas, can you elaborate more on the less movement forward? Is your starting stance (feet apart width), leg kick height etc. altered at all? Or is that still more or less style.

    My dd starts tall, feet at shoulder width and has high leg kick. She’s having some troubles timing pitches all of a sudden – thinking that’s not enough live hitting/front-toss.

    But I’d like to hear what you can share about the changes in forward movement. We used to do lessons with JK a while back but finances aren’t as favorable atm and we have a few BR products and Coaches clinic so we’re very plugged into BR’s hitting terminology and philosophy.

    • Chas Pippitt February 9, 2017 at 12:21 pm · Reply


      I’d defer to JK on this one since you worked with him specifically about your daughter. I’ll give a more general answer.

      We are finding a larger accuracy component to hitting when the hitter’s head stays back as well as a greater emphasis on the TURN of the hitter instead of hitting with more momentum going forward which for some can lead to adjustability issues.

      I hope that helps.


  2. Mao February 9, 2017 at 5:09 pm · Reply

    Chas – I found the same exact thing that with little or no movement you only lose about 10 – 15% in distance. I basically incorporated the hesitation drill you gave to Mackenzie into my son and daughter’s swing at the plate by having them start from launch. My son, 12U, was able to take A full count off speed pitch and hit the only triple of the game to right center in the playoffs last fall. Mackenzie 13, who played 18u last summer was able to hit a double by starting from launch and went 2 for 3 in back to back games on the big diamond.

    This position is also very useful when the coach quick pitches from behind the L screen at 25 to 35 ft. in the cage and does not allow for the full Baseball Rebellion Swing to develope or allow the batter to reset between pitches. It is extremely successful when trying to hit fast pitches from pitching machines.

    Also, If they get down in the count or expect an off speed pitch, I have them widen their stance so that they can get to launch position quicker and just make a strong turn.

    – Mao

    • Chas Pippitt February 13, 2017 at 3:09 pm · Reply


      Great to hear from you and I’m not surprised at all to hear of your kids success.

      Keep us in the loop and we’d love to have you back in the online program in the future, even if it’s just for a check up.

      Is Mackenzie still playing baseball?


  3. Steve Nichols February 9, 2017 at 9:48 pm · Reply

    What a great story, Chas! Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

    • Chas Pippitt February 13, 2017 at 3:11 pm · Reply


      She did it, and yes, it was amazing.


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