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You (aka The College Coach)

You've devoted your life to the game. The hours are long, and the pay has been little for your whole career. You work all year long to get your team in position to win. Recruiting at showcases during the hot summer months, early morning off-season workouts in the cold and long bus rides to far away out-of-conference games. You deserve the best recruits, your team deserves to win, and you deserve that new job at a better school after the season!

The Problem

The recruits you're getting are good, but the ones you want are going elsewhere. Your team performs well some games and poorly other games. Your pitching might even have to carry you through a few 2-1 wins. Some years you finish near the top of your conference, but other years you are at or below .500. Inconsistent play has always cost your team games. You've always been one player away or one game away from getting to that next step. You have been at the same school and the same job for the past few years. Despite all your hard work, you can't seem to move up to that next job you want.

Why isn't it Working?

You are working hard but are you working smart? Sure you have your off-season workouts all planned out, and your team knows their bunt defense on first and third with one out BUT are you developing your players to help you win games? Do you have a plan to build your hitters, so they are maximizing their potential? Maximizing their ability? Maximizing the damage they can do on the field?

You may think you have a development plan for your hitters in place but is it working? Don't worry; it's not your fault! It is almost impossible to develop the kind of plan you need all while being a college coach. You have to recruit during the summer, run offseason workouts, worry about whether your players are making it to class, do expense reports, and after all of that: You have to try to win games! When would you have time to develop hitting methodologies, drills, and programs to get your hitters prepared to succeed? You need help; you need a plan and program in place to make sure your hitters are put in a position to where they can reach their true ceiling!

Baseball/Softball Rebellion

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For the last decade, Chas Pippitt and his team at Baseball/Softball Rebellion have worked tirelessly to develop, hone, and implement the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology. The Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology has helped thousands of hitters throughout the years increase their power and velocity while maintaining healthy movement patterns.

Baseball Rebellion is located in its 12,500 sq ft training facility in Durham, North Carolina. The state-of-the-art facility houses four HitTrax systems, one Rapsodo Pitch Tracking system, and two dedicated video rooms. Baseball Rebellion strategically uses every bit of technology at their disposal to PROVE IMPROVEMENT with all of our athletes. The Baseball Rebellion team is working to not only give lessons and create content for but also spread it reach to college coaches and programs from around the country and help them deliver the highest level of coaching to their athletes.

The BR Collegiate Consulting Program

For the first time, Baseball Rebellion is teaming up with coaches and college programs from all corners of the country to share the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology (BRHM). The BRHM is designed to help hitters of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels develop a power producing swing that directly correlates to more doubles, triples, and home runs for your team.  Get first-hand instruction of the swing progressions taught by Baseball Rebellion Instructors that has led to the incomprehensibly quick development of hundreds of college hitters the past decade.  Get access to all the movements, drills, practice plans, and coaching cues that will help you connect with your hitters and push them to raise their ceiling higher than they ever thought possible.  Within the BR Collegiate Consulting Program, you'll have direct access to Baseball Rebellion Instructors, 24/7/365!  More than anything, with the Collegiate Consulting Program and BRHM, you will finally have a complete plan of development to not only develop your athletes with but to develop yourself professionally!  Sound like something you'd be interested in; There's more to take in below!

Knowledge is Power

We've done something truly extraordinary with the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology...we've taken all the knowledge of our owner Chas Pippitt, all the Baseball Rebellion hitting instructors, and experience from tens of thousands of lessons and put it into a searchable, user-friendly knowledge database. The Guru Knowledge Database application allows the user to search every drill, coaching cue, and movement within the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology. Guru also enables the user to view a wide variety of swing examples and drill videos that are a part of the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology. The searchable knowledge database allows the user to ask questions or leave comments on different pages so you can continuously engage with a Baseball Rebellion expert instructor.

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But Knowledge is Useless without Action

All the information and knowledge in the world is useless unless you are able to put it into action! Baseball Rebellion provides college coaches with a clear, direct plan on how to implement the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology within their program. The first part of that plan is a Baseball Rebellion instructor visiting either you, your team or both to teach the initial phases of the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology.

After the initial phases are taught, you now have the Guru knowledge database to refer back to, as well as a plethora of drills and practice plans to implement the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology. During this process, a Baseball Rebellion Instructor is available every step of the way to answer questions and respond to comments.

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And Communication is Key

The Baseball Rebellion Collegiate Consulting Program uses the popular app Slack to communicate with all our college coaches. Slack allows instant communication between you and a Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology Expert. Ask questions, give comments, and bounce ideas off us. We want to be there whenever we can to help you and your team improve! You can also use Slack to share videos of your player's swings and receive feedback and recommendations on how to improve.

In addition to Slack's ability to reach out to Baseball Rebellion Experts, Slack also communicates directly with the Baseball Rebellion Knowledge Database, Guru. Slack integration with Guru means that you can ask a question about the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology through Slack and get an automatic suggested answer directly from Guru. No waiting, no fuss, all the answers!

Tom Eller, Head Baseball Coach at Harford Community College

"It is really cool to type a question in, get the answer immediately, and send it off to my players"

Your New Path


With so many schools recruiting the same small pool of recruits, you need something that is going to set you apart. Unless you are at powerhouse program or a nationally recognized academic institution, you are going to need SOMETHING to "wow" 16-year-olds and their parents Being able to show a recruit (and his/her parents) a proven plan to develop them once they get on your campus WILL set you apart from other coaches and other schools. Other schools may have the cool locker room or the nice gear or good food at the dining hall, but you will have a plan to make them a better ball player. If Baseball/Softball matters to that recruit, that will be a big deal! (Not only that, but as a Baseball Rebellion Certified Coach, you will be listed on the Baseball Rebellion website for all potential recruits to see!)


You have your team on campus; now you can develop them! The Baseball Rebellion Knowledge Database not only gives you access to methodology and drills but also organizes them into specialized programming for power producing results you are trying to see from your hitters. You will now have the ability to apply the BRHM to plan every workout, practice, and training session with the proper movement progression, patterns, and mechanics in mind.

Fair warning, your hitters will be hesitant at first.  You might even get some resistance from them.  What you are teaching them is different.  It looks different and feels different than anything they've ever done before.  Stick with it!  A lot of what is done and drilled in the BRHM isn't meant to be fun, but it is intended to work exceptionally well. Once your hitters start to see their improvement in the cage and on the practice field.  When you measure their metrics, either with HitTrax or Blast Motion Sensor, they will look at those numbers jump as well. Everyone will quickly buy in because the new motto for your program is: "If you don't hit, you sit!"


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You've learned the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology yourself and you are now an official BR certified coach. You've used the development plan to recruit the best athletes your program has ever had and you've developed them into power-producing hitters. They are probably hesitant going into the season but you've assured them that teams that getting extra-base hits, wins games. In fact, last year 8 of the top 10 college softball teams in Slugging Percentage were in the top 25 at the end of the year and 6 of the top 10 in college baseball. Power producing teams win games!

Now your season starts, and your hitters step in the batter's box. Double, single, strikeout (it's ok!), sacrifice fly, home run! The runs start pouring in for your team. Your hitters are hitting the ball high, far, and hard. When a hitter is struggling, you can make quick adjustments on the fly during the game because of your deep understanding of the swing. Postgame, you can use video captured on an iPad to help your players improve even more. You feel confident as a coach, your players are getting better, everyone is having fun, and most importantly, your team is winning!

Take a Proactive Step in your Career

You just had your best season in school history. Your team broke every hitting record the school had. 5 of your hitters make the All-Conference Team, and one of your freshmen is named a Freshman All-American. Things are going to well! You get a call. It's an Athletic Director at a school a division up from the school you're at now. They want to bring you in for an interview!

Imagine going into that interview with a professional, detailed plan on how to dramatically improve the hitters on your team. A program that you can show to an Athletic Director or Coach that is backed by Baseball Rebellion and backed by thousands of hitters who have improved in it. Imagine explaining to the interviewer the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology, and Knowledge Database (that you may have helped contribute to) and the past year communication with our staff, showing them your willingness to always improve. Also imagine showing them facts, numbers, figures on your player's improvement under your coaching and dedication to follow the process. How would you not get that job?!?

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