Coaches Clinics

Baseball Rebellion Coaches Clinics

Baseball Rebellion's Coaches Clinics are great informational guides for Teams, Travel and Showcase Organizations, and even entire leagues to ensure proper baseball / softball mechanics and methodology is taught at the earliest developmental stages of a player. All of Baseball Rebellion's Coaches Clinics are backed by Baseball Rebellion’s researched, tested, and proven methodology and are designed with accessibility in mind, with every video and piece of information available at practice, games, or anywhere you have a smart phone or internet connection.

Basics of Baseball

The Baseball Rebellion Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic includes HD video drills, coaching cues, teaching fundamentals, and Baseball Rebellion coaching methodology. It is designed to guide coaches, parents, and leagues on the fundamental concepts of hitting, throwing, base running, defensive situations, & catching. The Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic includes over 30 videos, of drills, coaching cues, and coaching tips, as well as multiple practice plans and an active warm-up.


The Baseball Rebellion Hitting Coaches Clinic is an in depth, instructional guide for training hitters Baseball Rebellion's hitting mechanics. With over 30 HD videos made up of drills, coaching cues to use and avoid, and hitting methodology, this clinic will make you an trained expert in the art of baseball / softball hitting. The Hitting Coaches Clinic even explains with great detail, the science behind each aspect of the swing and proof with player swing transformation examples.

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The Baseball Rebellion Catcher Coaches Clinic ensures that proper receiving, blocking, and throwing mechanics are taught at the earliest developmental stages to baseball and softball players. The catchers coaches clinic includes multiple drills to improve each area of the catching position, a practice plan with training progression, and detailed warmup / hip isometrics specifically designed by Baseball Rebellion for catchers. 


Throwing/ Pitching

The Baseball Rebellion Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic is loaded with Baseball Rebellion Teaching Fundamentals for Baseball/Softball overhead throwing and pitching. The Throwing Pitching Clinic contains over 25 videos, containing lower & upper body mechanics, arm health / safety tips, and pitching delivery information and drills. Create a team of dominate and health pitchers with increased velocity and consistency.

Save by combining with the Coach's Hitting Clinic