Coaches Clinic Demo: Throwing / Pitching

Coaches Clinic Demo: Throwing / Pitching

Welcome to Baseball Rebellion’s Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic demo page. The Baseball Rebellion throwing / pitching Coaches Clinic includes over 25  HD videos consisting of drills, coaching cues, teaching fundamentals, and pitching methodology to turn any coach, team, or league into experts in overhead throwing methodology and how to best teach it. Below is a demo of five videos from The Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic clinic to give you a taste of the great content provided in the entire clinic. Scroll down after watching the videos to view the table of contents for The Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic.

Pitching / Throwing Methodology

Upper Body Throwing Rotation

Flaw #1 Horizontal Rotation

Rivera Drill

Throwing / Delivery Finish

You have just watched five of our Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic videos. View the list below to see all of the amazing content included in the full version of our Throwing / Pitching Coaches clinic!


Pitching / Throwing Methodology Overview

  1. Pitching / Throwing Methodology Overview

Upper Body Rotation

  1. Upper Body Throwing Rotation
  2. Flaw 1: Horizontal Rotation
  3. Flaw 2: Hands Break Away Early
  4. Training Movements: Cross Arm Shoulder Rotation
  5. Training Movements: Wave Drill
  6. Throwing Cues/Drills to Avoid: Show ball to Centerfield
  7. Throwing Cues/Drills to Avoid: Point Your Glove
  8. Upper Body Throwing Example 1
  9. Upper Body Throwing Example 2

Lower Body Movement

  1. Lower Body Throwing Movement Intro
  2. Flaw 1 & 2: Lower Body Movement & Sitting on Back Knee
  3. Training Movements: Wall Sit-In
  4. Training Movements: Ankle Drives
  5. Throwing Cues/Drills to Avoid: Push Off Rubber
  6. Lower Body Throwing Example 1
  7. Lower Body Throwing Examples 2

Blending, Rhythm, and Timing

  1. Blending, Rhythm, & Timing into your Throwing Movement
  2. Training Movements: Rivera Drill
  3. Training Movements: Crossover & Crossover Step / Skip

Throwing Finish

  1. Throwing / Delivery Finish
  2. Movements to Train: Prayers
  3. Movements to Train: Prayers with Exaggerated Finish
  4. Training Movements: Front Leg Stability with Bands
  5. Throwing Finish Example 1

Active Warmup & Practice Plan

  1. 10 Great Dynamic Exercises to Get you Ready to Perform
  2. Throwing Practice Plan

Throwing / Pitching Coaches Clinic

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