Coaches Clinic Demo: Catcher

Coaches Clinic Demo: Catcher

Welcome to Baseball Rebellion’s Catcher Clinic demo page. The Baseball Rebellion Catcher Coaches Clinic includes over 30 HD videos of drills with detailed explanations/examples, training progressions, and Coaching Cues. Below is a demo of four videos from the Catchers Coaching Clinic to give you a taste of the great content provided in the entire clinic. Scroll down after watching the videos to view the table of contents for The Catchers Coaching Clinic.

Primary Stance

3 Plate Drill

Blocking Technique


You have just watched four of our Catcher Coaches Clinic videos. View the list below to see all of the amazing content included in the full version of our Catchers Coaching Clinic!


  1. Introduction
  2. Barehand Drill
  3. Solo Wall Drill
  4. Assisted Wall Drill
  5. Six Ball Drill
  6. Three Plate Drill


  1. Introduction
  2. Blocking Technique
  3. Pre-Set Blocking Drill
  4. Straight-Forward Blocking Drill
  5. Three Ball Reaction Drill
  6. Blocking and Receiving Reaction Drill
  7. Wall Ball Blocking Drill
  8. Block and Recover


  1. Introduction
  2. Footwork to Second Base
  3. Footwork to Third Base
  4. Footwork to First Base
  5. Wall Drill with Throwing Footwork
  6. Reactionary Footwork Drill
  7. Transfers
  8. Throwing Rotation


  1. Signals Stance
  2. Primary Stance
  3. Secondary Stance

Other Videos

  1. Standard Bunt Play
  2. Bunt Plays to 1st and 3rd
  3. Plays at the Plate
  4. Catcher Pop Ups
  5. Catchers Competition

Active Warmup & Practice Plan

  1. Catching Practice Plan
  2. 10 Great Dynamic Exercises to Get you Ready to Perform

Catcher Coaches Clinic

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