Coaches Clinic Demo: Basics of Baseball

Coaches Clinic Demo: Basics of Baseball

Welcome to Baseball Rebellion’s Basics of Baseball demo page.  This Coaches Clinic includes over 80 HD videos of drills, coaching cues, teaching fundamentals, and methodology to turn any coach, team or league into experts in baseball/softball methodology and how to teach it best. Below is a demo of seven videos from The Basics of Baseball clinic to give you a taste of the great content provided in the entire clinic. Scroll down after watching the videos to view the table of contents for The Basics of Baseball.

Athletic Adjustments

Swing Path

Primary Stance

Cut Off Throws

Rounding a Base


Wave Drill Progression

You have just watched seven of our Basics of Baseball Clinic videos. View the list below to see all of the amazing content included in the full version of our Basics of Baseball Coaching Clinic!

Swing Breakdown

  1. Swing Before & After: Henry H. & Carrick R.

Coaching Mentality

  1. The Goal of Youth Coaching
  2. Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations

Hitting – Approach

  1. Aggressive Approach
  2. Athletic Adjustments
  3. Hitting Tier of Importance
  4. Do Not Have a Take 1st Pitch Rule
  5. Bunting

Hitting – Stance

  1. Batting Stance
  2. Set Up In The Box
  3. Grip and Hand Placement

Hitting – Vision

  1. Turn to Catch Drill
  2. Pena Drill

Hitting – Footwork

  1. Forward Load
  2. Open Pelvis/ Front Foot
  3. Pull Back Foot, Straighten Front Leg
  4. Board Drill
  5. Foam Drill

Hitting – Upper Body

  1. Swing Path 
  2. Bat Position at Landing
  3. Dowel Rod Drill


  1. Introduction
  2. Windup
  3. Stretch
  4. Pickoffs
  5. Grips
  6. Cross Arm Shoulder Rotation
  7. Wave Drill Progression
  8. Modified Wave
  9. Hip and Shoulder Separation
  10. Blending Upper & Lower Half
  11. Core Strength/Prayers
  12. Fast Feet March Throws
  13. Jump Back Transfer
  14. Cross Behind Step


  1. Signals Stance
  2. Primary Stance
  3. Secondary Stance
  4. Receiving Overview
  5. Barehand Receiving Drill
  6. Blocking Intro
  7. Blocking Technique
  8. Preset Blocking
  9. Receiving/Blocking Reaction Drill
  10. Footwork to 1st
  11. Footwork to 2nd
  12. Footwork to 3rd


  1. General Defensive Alignment at Positions
  2. Where Should the Play Go
  3. Defensive Situations: Cut Off Throws
  4. Who Covers On Steals
  5. What Positions Should Lefties Play
  6. How to Hold Runners On Base
  7. Fielding Ground Balls
  8. Fielding Fly Balls
  9. Bunt Defense: Runner on 1st, 2nd, Squeeze

Base Running

  1. Introduction
  2. Straight Through Base
  3. Rounding a Base
  4. Taking a Lead
  5. 2nd Base Lead
  6. 3rd Base Lead
  7. Returning to Base on Pickoff Attempt (Standing)
  8. Returning to Base on Pickoff Attempt (Diving)
  9. Secondary Lead
  10. Sliding

Active Warmup & Practice Plans

  1. 10 Great Dynamic Exercises to Get you Ready to Perform
  2. Hitting Practice Plan
  3. Defensive and Base Running Practice Plan
  4. Catching Practice Plan
  5. Throwing Practice Plan

Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic

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