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We are thrilled to announce that Champion Baseball Performance is now the official Online Strength Training and Performance partner of Baseball Rebellion! This new partnership will give our online clients and followers access to a nationally recognized Baseball Strength & Performance programming!


Nick Esposito

Head Baseball Performance Coach

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Nick Esposito is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Nick currently work at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance with Mike Reinold (see below) and some of the brightest Strength Coaches and Physical Therapists within the Boston region & nationally.  At Champion, they work with all types of clients: multi-sport athletes ranging from youth, high school, NCAA, MiLB, MLB, and NFL.

Nick has been fortunate to study under some of the most well-respected strength coaches and organizations in the field, including Mike Boyle (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning), Eric Cressey (Cressey Sports Performance), EXOS Sports Performance, Precision Nutrition and MovNat.

Nick has also presented at National Strength & Conditioning Association seminars, schools, and team programs. He loves talking with other trainers in the field, reading books and articles to help develop my techniques and coaching abilities. Nick regularly attend workshops and seminars to stay up to date to provide the highest level of service he can.

Along with being a NASM-CPT, Nick is certified to perform Functional Movement Screens (FMS), which allows him to score individuals in a simple way to determine if their movement patterns are optimal, acceptable, or dysfunctional.

Mike Reinold

Head of Physical Therapy & Performance Training

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Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS, C-PS is considered a world-renowned leader in the field of physical therapy, sports medicine, fitness, and sports performance. As a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Dr. Reinold has used his expertise in a variety of settings to help people restore, optimize, and enhance their performance. He has most notably worked extensively with a variety of professional athletes from every major sport, with emphasis on the care of throwing injuries in baseball players.

Current Roles
Dr. Reinold is currently the co-founder and president of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, a physical therapy and performance training facility just outside Boston in Waltham, MA.

He is also currently the Senior Medical Advisor for the Chicago White Sox and the Director of Baseball Performance at Northeastern University, where he has been instrumental in the restructuring and building of the high performance and medical teams.

Past Experiences

Dr. Reinold has worked for many years throughout professional baseball after having worked for Boston Red Sox for many years as Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist and as a consultant to the Chicago Cubs. He was a member of the 2007 World Series Champion team and focused on keeping pitchers healthy and rehabilitating players back to peak performance.  Dr. Reinold redesigned the medical model throughout the major and minor league systems, developing a comprehensive program to proactively attend to imbalance, deficiencies, and poor movement patterns before injuries developed.  He continues to consult with many teams and players around Major League Baseball.

Prior to the Red Sox, Dr. Reinold was formerly the Facility Director of Champion Sports Medicine and the Coordinator of Rehabilitative Research & Clinical Education at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL under the direction of legendary orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. He was involved in the rehabilitation of 1000’s of athletes from all sports and levels of play. He helped develop many of the leading rehabilitation protocols and return to sports programs that are used around the world.

Dr. Reinold also coordinated the rehabilitative research and education for the Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Division of Sports Medicine and the Sports Physical Therapy Department.

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