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How Does the Hitter’s Front Side Affect His Swing? Revisited

Many moons ago, in the year of 2012, I wrote an article that went through the use of the front leg (scroll down the page about halfway) in an elite hitter’s swing.  Since then, my views of the front leg have not changed whatsoever.  I do, however, now have a much deeper understanding of the front leg and its multiple functions in a swing.  So to revisit this part of the swing, I thought I would take you through a step by step use of the front leg during a swing with a little help from one of my favorite players who I believe has one of the best swings in all of baseball, Francisco Lindor.  In the end, I hope that you will also have a much better understanding of how the front leg of a hitter affects his or her swing.… continue reading

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How the Top MLB Pitchers are Winning in the Launch Angle Era

The game of baseball has changed in the last 3-4 years in both hitting and pitching due to recent advances in technology.  We aren’t in the “Dead Ball Era” or the “Live Ball Era” or the “Steroid Era”, we are in the StatCast Era.  Launch angle, exit velocity, spin rate and basically any other variable you can think of, have been researched, measured, and studied the past few years.… continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown – Bartolo Colon



After his almost perfect game on April 15, 2018, Dave Shinskie investigates what makes Bartolo Colon so effective in the MLB even at 44 years old. The answer lays hidden in his solid mechanics and ability to locate pitches.… continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Patrick Corbin


Dave Shinskie, the Lead Pitching Instructor at Baseball Rebellion, breaks down Arizona Diamondbacks ace pitcher Patrick Corbin. Dave takes us through the pitching mechanics and pitch selection that has helped Corbin start the year 2-0 with a 1.38 ERA. As Dave points out, Corbin’s lethal off-speed breaking pitches have lead to 20 highlight-worthy strikeouts, tops in the MLB so far!… continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown – Nick E.

Hey everyone! I just want to share a quick background on Baseball Rebellion HQ client Nick E.  Nick has been coming to us for a couple years. He is a kid that I enjoy working with every time he is in the building. … continue reading

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The Cause of Andrew Miller’s Knee Trouble



We don’t usually talk about lower half injuries in baseball pitchers. It is more like shoulder, elbow, lat, and an occasional blister on a finger. In this article, we look at what happened to Tim Lincecum and why Andrew Miller is having knee problems. … continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Shohei Otani

Shoehei Otani is a 22-year-old two-way player in the Japanese professional league. He is currently playing for the Nippon Ham Fighters and has put up some consistently good numbers in his 4 years in the Japanese league. I would consider Otani to be very simple but efficient in his movements which allow for a much better opportunity at success.… continue reading

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Jayce Blaylock: LLWS BOMB for the Ages

Jayce Blaylock, a Little League Baseball player for the Georgia State Champion Little League Team hit a MASSIVE home run in their LLWS game on ESPN a few days ago.  There were some really great things in his swing, and with his very small but efficient movements, Jayce was able to generate about as much power as a 12u player possibly can.  … continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Lauren Chamberlain

Lauren Chamberlain swing

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Lauren Chamberlain



Lauren Chamberlain is a current member of the USSSA Pride.  Lauren was a super star at Oklahoma University where she compiled 95 home runs during her time there.  In this video you will see exactly how and why she was one of the best D1 hitters of all time.  … continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Ervin Santana

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown

Ervin Santana

In this breakdown, explain how Ervin Santana has been so effective this year and for the last 13 years. Santana is in the top 10 in every pitching statistic in 2017 and leads the league in complete games and shut outs.… continue reading