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5 Small Adjustments to Turn Your Season Around

It’s early in the season in Major League Baseball and even earlier in the minors.  Some guys have as many as 50 at-bats, others far less.  50 at-bats in high school in North Carolina, is about half your season though!  So what are some things you can do if you’re starting off the season a little behind where you want to be?… continue reading

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Launch Angle: The Most Misunderstood Term in Hitting

Launch Angle is a huge topic in all of baseball and softball right now.  Many coaches, parents, and players are scared of the term “launch angle”, as they think or assume that people that talk about launch angle want you to practice popping up and flying out.  Why would a coach want that?!?  We in the ‘top of the cage’ camp do not want you to practice hitting weak and easy to catch hits.  We are trying, and in most cases succeeding, in allowing players to reach their power potential and drive the ball farther, which can in many cases leads to more powerful hits, more doubles, and more home runs.… continue reading

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Switch Hitting…Is it worth it?

In honor of the greatest switch hitter of all time, Chipper Jones, being inducted into the Hall of Fame this past month, I wanted to give my take on switch hitting. Every so often, a parent asks me if I think their son or daughter should switch hit.continue reading

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RAISE THE ROOF! – How to Help Raise a Hitter’s Ceiling

Last month, I got the opportunity to speak at the North Carolina High School Baseball Coaches Clinic in Greensboro, NC. It is an awesome event held each December for high school coaches across the state to hear from guest speakers on a wide range of topics from hitting to pitching to defense, and even turf management.… continue reading

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BR Client Adam Parzych Wins the 2017 National Power Showcase!

Hey everyone!  In this article I’m going to recap an amazing weekend I had in Dallas, TX watching the 2017 National Power Showcase at Globe Life Park in Arlington which ended in a win for one of my very first Baseball Rebellion clients here in Tallahassee, Florida.… continue reading

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Understanding the Recruiting Process – While Enjoying It (Part I)

The recruiting process is an exciting time, or at least it should be. In my experience as a Division I Softball Coach, I found a lot of the potential student-athletes I spoke with felt stressed about the process. The recruiting process can be daunting – or so it seems.continue reading

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Launch Angle Tee Pre-Orders Are Live

Great news rebels!  The Launch Angle Tee site is live!  You can pre-order your complete Launch Angle tee or get your adapter now!

Visit to get yours today!  Hurry because for a limited quantity Launch Angle Tees are on sale for 79.99!!… continue reading

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G-Hack Batting Glove Sale To Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

G Hack Batting Gloves BC Awareness Sale

G-Hack Batting Glove Sale / Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Baseball Rebellion is honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month by discounting our Pink G-Hack Batting Gloves $5.00 OFF.
For every order, Baseball Rebellion will donate a percentage of the sales to Breast Cancer Research!

continue reading
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Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Dee Gordon’s Emotional Home Run

Dee Gordon Swing Breakdown: Emotional Home Run

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Dee Gordon’s Emotional Home Run

The entire baseball community was shocked on Sunday morning as we all learned the news about Jose Fernandez’ tragic death. It is still hard to believe that such a young and vibrant star with unbelievable potential is gone.continue reading

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BR Camps, New Facility, & 1 Time Swing / Delivery Analysis

TPM fastpitch and Baseball Rebellion Camp

Baseball Rebellion 1-Time Swing / Delivery Analysis,

On Location Camps, and New Facility Location

In this article I will cover some of the new developments and additions at Baseball Rebellion. We have all been working very hard behind the scenes on improving our network of awesome coaches and technology inside of our facility.continue reading