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The Expertise Assumption: Where Private Coaches Fail their Most Talented Clients

When an 8 year old walks into Baseball Rebellion for a hitting or throwing evaluation, the process is simple and the same every single time.  First, we let the player warm themselves up how they ‘normally do’, then they are evaluated in their skill.… continue reading

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How to Increase Exit Velocity: Learn First, Then Load

EXIT VELOCITY is quite the buzz-worthy topic these days.  Just as pitchers have gone through the unrelenting quest to increase their throwing velocity, hitters are doing the same thing with bat speed and batted ball exit velocity.  These revolutions are happening for good reason…more velocity on the mound or in the batter’s box gives a player more chances to be successful.… continue reading

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How to Help Cure Pop-Ups

All too often you see a hitter pop a ball up to the infield or in foul territory and hear one or both of these reactions from uninformed coaches and parents:

“Stop dropping your back shoulder”


“Get on top of the ball”

Counterintuitively, to limit pop-ups and have elite swing mechanics you need to be doing the opposite of these coaching cues.… continue reading

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The Movements that Made The Rebellion – The Rebel’s Rack Revisited

As Baseball Rebellion/Softball Rebellion has grown, we have decided to be more open with the “HOW” of our process instead of just the results.  This, for years, was not the case at BR/SR, as we wouldn’t even let clients film the movement progressions we do with hitters.continue reading

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BR Client Adam Parzych Wins the 2017 National Power Showcase!

Hey everyone!  In this article I’m going to recap an amazing weekend I had in Dallas, TX watching the 2017 National Power Showcase at Globe Life Park in Arlington which ended in a win for one of my very first Baseball Rebellion clients here in Tallahassee, Florida.… continue reading

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End Late Swings and Foul Balls – Bat Drag & the Bat Drag Buster!

As mentioned in the video above, bat drag is when a batter will pull their back elbow past the knob of the bat, delaying the barrel’s turn around the knob.  Therefore the barrel is being “dragged” behind the knob for a majority of the hitters swing, only to be turned or whipped out from behind at the last second.  … continue reading

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Baseball Rebellion Product Review: Momentus Speed Hitter

Momentus Speed Hitter, Does it Work

Baseball Rebellion Product Review:
Momentus Speed Hitter

You’ve seen it before in your training facility, maybe you have seen the commercial, or perhaps you own it. The Momentus Speed Hitter is a relatively well known hitting product now and can be seen time and time again in baseball and softball training facilities.continue reading

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3 Pre-Game Hitting Routines for 3 Field Scenarios

3 Pre Game Hitting Routines

3 Pre-Game Hitting Routines for 3 Field / Game Scenarios

Recently I had a Baseball Rebellion client come in as he does every week for his hitting lesson. His dad asked me a great question that I am sure many of you parents or coaches have had before.continue reading

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The Most Swing Applicable Exercise You AREN’T Doing

Baseball & Softball Hitting Med Ball Exercise

Hey Guys! KC Judge here writing my first non speed training related article. In today’s article, I’m going to go over one of, if not the best, exercise you can do to increase rotational power in the baseball / softball swing.continue reading

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The Second WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Almost three years ago, Chas Pippitt exposed the WORST Hitting Drill in all of baseball and softball.  After scouring the internet and thinking back on all the crazy drills that I had to do as a player, I have finally found what I would call the second worst hitting drill that you or your player can do.… continue reading