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August 29, 2017, No comments

I first met Mike Halpert about a little over a year ago.  He was working with some pitchers in my facility and doing some breathing techniques with them that, at […]

End Late Swings and Foul Balls – Bat Drag & the Bat Drag Buster!

August 28, 2017, 3 Comments

As mentioned in the video above, bat drag is when a batter will pull their back elbow past the knob of the bat, delaying the barrel’s turn aroun ...

Baseball Rebellion Online Lessons Moved to Hudl Technique!

August 23, 2017, No comments

Baseball Rebellion Switching to Hudl Technique I want to begin this post by sincerely thanking all of you who read our content, watch our videos, cons ...

It’s all in the Hips! The BEST Hip Activation Drill for Throwers

August 16, 2017, No comments

This is a drill that helps activate the hips and create awareness of how to use your lower half into a throw.  Some kids have trouble with the moveme ...

  • How To Stop Kids From Throwing Sidearm
    April 27, 2017, 1 Comment

    The most common problem I see in both online and in person evaluations is a lack of body awareness through the throwing delivery. Many kids are seemingly taught to just […]

  • Increase Throwing Velocity with the Prowler Pull
    Prowler Pull Your Way to More Velocity
    February 10, 2017, No comments

    Prowler Pull Your Way to More Velocity There is a common misconception that “pushing off the rubber” helps pitchers throw faster. Many pitching instructors still teach this flawed use of […]