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The Importance of Throwing Quality Pitches

Control the Controllables. Throw Quality Pitches. During a lesson with one of my younger pitchers, we started having a conversation about different counts and the importance of quality pitches. When…

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Hitting Terms Every Coach Must Know

Do you Know Today’s Most Commonly Used Hitting Terms? If not, this article will be extremely helpful for you. It’s important for moms, dads, coaches, and players to understand these…

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"Heel, Toe, Go!" Weight Shift Drill for Pitchers

How to Generate Power and Explosiveness off the Mound One of my favorite things about providing instruction is that there are always several different methods to get the same outcome….

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Enhance your Pre-game Routine with Arm Care

How does your Pre-game Warm-up Impact your Health and Performance? I’ve watched teams warm-up many times throughout the years as both a coach and a player. When I was growing…

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Pro Concepts – Efficient Swing Positioning

Efficient Swing Positioning – Professional Breakdown A couple of weeks ago I highlighted Christian Yelich and how he doesn’t allow his height to be a disadvantage.  I received a ton…

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Spin Series with Lacey Waldrop: Dropball Drills

Four Drills to Improve your Dropball After each initial installment of the Spin Series, I will provide a supplemental article the following week. Each secondary article will contain specific drills…

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My Journey from Division 2 to the NPF

My Route to the NPF My journey to the NPF was unusual, and I wouldn\’t have it any other way. As a young girl, I knew I loved softball and…

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Rebel's Rack Results: More Exit Velocity and Distance in Two Lessons

Producing Results Through Movement Progression and Data When Kylie of Orange High School, located in Hillsborough, NC, came in for an evaluation, Kylie and her parents had no idea what…

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Spin Series with Lacey Waldrop: The Dropball

Why is the Dropball an Effective Pitch? As a pitcher, I lived on my dropball. Opposing players and coaches may say that my change-up was my defining pitch, but when…

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Learn How to Hip Hinge and Increase your Power

What is a Hip Hinge? If you want to hit for power, mastering the \”hip hinge\” is a crucial part of getting your body primed to hit.  At Softball Rebellion,…

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Combating Perfectionism in Pitchers: Coaching Tips

Coaching Perfectionist Pitchers Coaches have the power to influence their players in ways that parents just can\’t.  I can\’t tell you how many times parents tell me, \”I tell her…

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Eliminating the Competence Gap in Softball: Practice Structure Flaws

Traditional Practice Structure Widens the Competence Gap What are the main skills associated with softball? Hitting for average, hitting for power, speed (baserunning) fielding, and throwing are five key skills…

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