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Blocked Training vs Random Training

Baseball Rebellion’s CEO Chas Pippitt talks about the difference and benefits of blocked vs random training. See how both types of training affect the development of your players.

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Pitch Design on a Budget

This is Pitch Design on a Budget. Check it out.

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Important vs. Vital – Hitting

JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion breaks down the difference between what is vital in hitting and what is considered to be important when it comes to the swing.

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From Sidney to “Sid the Kid”: Youth Lessons and Skill Acquisition

Environment of Development At Baseball Rebellion we work with players of all ability levels.  Young novice softball and baseball players train right next to first round draft picks and other…

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3 Hitting Drills you MUST do this Preseason

1. Turn to Catch Are your hitters pulling there head out when swinging? TheTurn to Catch Drill will help! The Turn to Catch Drill helps hitters work on their head…

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Hitting Station Practice Plan

Hitting Practice Plan: Load & Rotation When it comes to hitting, we live in a world filled with mechanics and drills.  While there’s certainly a place for both of these,…

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Developing Hitters with Blast Vision and Data: Part 1

Premium Contributor – Brandon Matthews Brandon Matthews is the current hitting coach at Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin, Virginia. He has coached at many different levels of baseball including…

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Understanding Self Discipline

I want to talk a little about Self Discipline. The definition of Self Discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses. The ability to pursue what…

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The Angles Game

Why Launch Angle Isn’t the Only Angle in Baseball That Matters Over the years, Baseball Rebellion has been at the forefront of teaching players and coaches on the importance of…The…

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Interview with Baltimore Oriole’s Pitcher Evan Phillips

Baseball Rebellion’s Tyler Zupcic and Dave Shinskie talk with BR Pro and member of the Baltimore Orioles Evan Phillips. Evan talks about what it takes to be a pro and…

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Feeding the Mistake: Why Feeling a Mistake Allows a Player to Self-Correct

Feeding The Mistake The concept of “Feeding the mistake” is not a new one in physical therapy or weight lifting.  Most of the time, when an athlete repeats a movement…

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What Exactly Is The Rebel’s Rack?

One of my favorite movies of all time is an old golf movie, “Tin Cup”. In the movie, golf instructor Roy McAvoy is struggling to find his swing days before…

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